Study Skills: Managing Time As An Adult Learner

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Study Skills: Managing Time as an Adult Learner
The process of gaining an education is not as rigid as it once was.There was once a time where some people believed that only a certain age group could attend college. However, people now view learning as a more continuous process that anyone can partake in. The emergence and popularity of the Internet have allowed many online schools to open like American Public University. As a result, many adult who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to get an education are attending post-secondary institutions.However, Kramer (2002) highlights that access to an education does not necessarily mean success. Adult learners live very different lifestyles than those of the traditional undergraduate; they may have children and full-time jobs. Kramer (2002) acknowledges that adult learners also learn different than the typical undergraduate. Kramer (2002) also points out that adults need to:
understand why something is important for them to learn
understand their relationship to what is being learned
integrate the new information into what they already know
be motivated and ready to learn
overcome barriers like fears, behaviors, and perceptions about learning (p. 10).
Learning in particular but especially online learning can be a challenge for adults. This research paper will attempt to provide some time management skills that can help adult learners be successful in the online classroom.
The first step in effectively managing one’s time is to read. Many people may see read and wonder what it has to do with time management. The answer has to do with active reading and efficient reading (Trustees of Dartmouth College, 2012). Mundsack et al. (2003) identify a variety of reading styles that may actually cost the student more time (p. 54). First, as anyone would suspect, reading aloud and mouthing the words is inefficient. It takes more time to mouth or say each word than it doe to read them in one’s head (Mundsack et al. 2003, p. 54). Mundsack and company (2003) also note that reading words one by one is inefficient; having to read words one by one makes it harder to make sense of the material (p. 54). As a result, the reader must continually reread the material just to understand it. Most importantly, Mundsack and company (2003) state that an active reader must be able to recognize which texts need a skim and which ones need a deep reading (p.54). It is not a great time management skill to spend pointless time on an easy, straight-to-the-point read. Recognizing all of these drawbacks are essential because the student can then employ the necessary tools to fix them.
Tests and Exams
Most people have crammed for an exam at some point in their lives. The following tips are tools that can help adult learners effectively manage their study time so that they will not have to cram. The first step is to actually read the material that the instructor provides when assigned. Active reading is...

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