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2. Social Media

Social media or social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have proven to increase the positive impact of the business, particularly to the SME industry as NOOR Arfa Batek SDN. BHD. Unlike advertising, social media networks allow for businesses to connect with their market and have real-time market intelligence.
Apart from websites, social media marketing is one of the fastest and quickest ways to reach the target company, both locally and around the world. It is true that companies cannot sell a product if they do not reach the intended users in the market. It is almost certain that someone is looking for information about your business or product through online ...view middle of the document...

It also a phenomenon that surface quickly between worldwide business, and it has blighted business in all volumes in many aspects.
By implementing e-commerce in business, company can reduce cost operate monitoring management inventory because the system could just automate stock management use management system based web. Furthermore, methods also help to functional expenditure company saving. Other than that , e-commerce also help change operating companies procedures hand with them automate equivalent digital to increase get, delivery treatment and payment. The digital paradigm has actually Helps Company save functional cost and share price.
Furthermore, company could just monitor and supervise pattern of buying and individual interest so that they can by easy to adapt their offer adjust customer demand and stores relationship recurs with they. Latest technology always enable vendor detect interest and their consumers tendency with customer truth then use this information build one relationship that is continuous with consumer by personalizing goods and services satisfy customer's needs.
Electronic commerce also will force companies to quickly adjust to the new technology and...

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