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Research Soci Essay

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Religion is defined as “The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods”. Religion seems to be an attractive concept to humans. Separately, the world’s religions are some of the most powerful institutions on the planet. Consequently, religion is ingrained in nearly every aspect of the human experience, culture of course being one of them. The culturalization of religious values is prominent in government, expression, and other aspects of cultures around the world.
Nearly 84% of individuals worldwide affiliate themselves with some faith system. despite politicians being factually heartless they are not, however, inhuman. That being said, ...view middle of the document...

Despite the doctrine of separation of church and state, the US legal system has been known to give consideration to case by case scenarios in which a belief system is involved. However, the courts were constructed to accommodate the countries majority group of Christianity. Many laws in existence today were made by Christians in accordance with values observed by the institution of Christianity.(some quote) Muslims and Orthodox Jews are traditionally known to struggle with their values in the US courts. For example (citation) when Orthodox Jews have asked judges to enforce their laws on divorce, the courts have refused to do it; they won't be involved in interpreting religion.
The US does exercise freedom of religion on a clerical level, meaning that there is no “state sponsored religion”. For some nations this is not the case. Saudi Arabia is a nation has had a long connotation with its strict following of Sunni Islam. In Saudi Arabia, state judges are called to evaluate based on their conservative interpretation of the Quran, Islam’s holy book. The country considers all residents to be Muslim and non-Muslim inhabitants must still adhere to religious laws such as the ban on pork. Women are not given certain privileges in strict Sunni practice. Consequently, the state of Saudi Arabia prohibits women driving, traveling without permission, and gender mixing.
“Harmonization of Civil Law and Shariah in a Small Island Nation” Is a case study on the Maldives written by Wisham and Muneeza. The Maldives is an underdeveloped island nation with strict, state-sponsored, Islamic law. The study finds that results are prototypical. The court system is run by underpaid, minimally trained judges who have nothing to go off of besides a loosely drafted Shariah Law. The island’s legal backbone has long been playing catch up with the modern world. Centuries have passed since they claim their holy prophet handed down the doctrine of Shariah by which they should govern and the nation is still in constant conflict with strict interpretation and a more social, domestic articulation of the document.
The effect of organized religion on global economics as well as U.S. foreign aid is a curious one. The U.S. seeks to gain public support for it’s ventures in foreign aid through religious justification. Religious organizations do not only act as distributors of massive amounts of foreign aid but also as collectors.
In the case of the U.S. religion can be used to reduce corruption in economic systems as well as a method of establishing trust in smaller, merchant-based systems. However,...

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