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IntroductionRobert Mann, who is the new recruiter for ABC Inc., is facing a dilemma. In approximately 15 days (June 15th) the new hires who Robert recruited for Carol Anderson, the Operations Supervisor, are scheduled to attend orientation. Robert believed that everything was ready, but that was not the case. Robert will analyze the situation in order to obtain the best solution to complete the task at hand.BackgroundThe human resources department is the backbone of an organization. "Human Resources Management (HRM) is the strategic management of the employees, who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organization" (Pomoni, 2009).The human resources department at ABC Inc. is not properly organized. The department does not have all the necessary forms and the training manuals are missing pages. Robert is faced with the challenge of fulfilling the hiring needs for the company; a challenge which appears to be simple, but turns out to be complex.When Robert began the recruiting process he had a plan. The plan was to recruit the employees, ensure that all the new hire prerequisites were completed and schedule the new hire orientation. After Memorial Day, approximately 15 days before the scheduled orientation, Robert realized that the prerequisites had not been met. Carol is expecting the new hires to begin in July; therefore, Robert must solve all the issues in order to be able to conduct the orientation on the scheduled day.Key ProblemsABC Inc.'s ProblemsABC Inc. faces various problems. One of the problems, which appears to be the main one, is the lack of organization; however, that is not the case. The key problem in the company is lack of communication. The other problems that exist are lack of training and lack of direction.When a company has poor communication, the business will not be successful. "Good communication matters because business organizations are made up of people. Communication in a business organization provides the critical link between core functions."(Blalock, 2005).A company can cut costs by being organized. An unnecessary added expense in a company will come from not being organized. For example, when a company does not have the necessary supplies on hand to conduct the daily activities, an employee will have to stop what he or she is doing, get what is missing and continue with the work. When the employee stops working the productivity level decreases; therefore, by being organized an employee can save on expenses.If the human resource department at ABC Inc. had been organized, Robert could have been working on other projects and that would have increased productivity. Robert was not properly trained. The lack of training was the reason Robert did not identify the shortcomings when he was making the arrangements for the new hire orientation.Robert's ProblemsRobert's main problem is that he was not properly trained. This is decreasing Robert's productivity. Although...

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1028 words - 4 pages of the root causes for ABC, Inc. However, most importantly, procrastination, operational knowledge and follow through of his duties appear to be the primary culprit.ReferencesUniversity of Phoenix. (2006) Week Two supplement, Case Study for Student Analysis. Retrieved November 5, 2006, from University of Phoenix, Week Two, rEsource. COMM215 â€" Essential of College Writing.University of Phoenix. (2006) Week Two supplement, Sample Short Report Case Study Format. Retrieved November 5, 2006, from University of Phoenix, Week Two, rEsource. COMM215 â€" Essential of College Writing.

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761 words - 3 pages Getting Employees Ready for HireCarl Robins is a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. He has enlisted and hired 15 new employees a few months after he was hired. The new recruits are to be trainees for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. However, Carl has failed to make the necessary arrangements for the new trainee orientation that is scheduled to take place on June 15. He also has neglected to follow-up with each of the new trainees