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Case Study Of A Child With Aggressive Behavior

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Case studies are a collection of data obtained using various methods gathered on an individual or group to record areas of interest in order to assist with analysis and provide recommendations. The study should include the name of the person, although this should be protected to provide anonymity where appropriate, and a brief description of the subject. The setting where the study is to be performed should be included. The aim of the observation must be presented along with a report of the findings. The type of method used will depend upon the subject and the area of interest. Data is gathered on the subject in this case observations were used to provide the data. An interpretation of the study will be made in order to provide a conclusion and recommendations made if applicable. Freud famously used the case studies that he carried out on his patients to develop his Psychoanalytic Theory.
Name: Child A Parental permission has been verbally granted in order to perform this study and in line with the code of ethics and conduct of the British Psychological Society (BPS), with regard to safeguarding the subject in this study will be referred to as Child A. (British Psychological Society, 2009)
Description of subject: Child A is a forty month old male pupil at this setting and attends regularly for five mornings a week since September 2011. He has two siblings and he is the middle child. He lives with his siblings and both parents. He is one of the younger children in his nursery year. He has not yet formed any friendships with his peers at the setting and children are wary of him due to his unpredictable volatility. His behaviour has also been a cause for concern to parents of other pupils at the setting whose children have been distressed by his actions.
Setting of observations Observations where held in a purpose built preschool unit attached to a primary school. There are twenty six children attending the nursery with an age range of three to four years. Staffing is made up of a teacher, nursery nurse and a student/volunteer. The setting is mainly open plan set out into different areas e.g. malleable play, reading corner, construction etc. There is also a garden for outdoor play. The preschool follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.
Aim of observation: To observe, record and identify the scale of problem behaviour, and any potential causes, in order to supply the support required to challenge and change such responses and provide assistance through such a transition. This will be of benefit to both child A and his peers at the setting.
Observation report: Observations were performed over a six week period. Two methods of observation were used anecdotal and time sampling. Two anecdotal records were...

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