Research Study Of Mild General Learning Disabilities

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To introduce this task I wish to firstly identify the material I chose to research for my research role in this assignment. I chose to undertake a research study of Mild General Learning Disabilities (MGLD) to find out more information on what exactly it is, how it affects students and what can be done to fully include these students in our classrooms. This role allowed me to take a deeper look at what exactly my assumptions were relating to this and how I was going to change them given the evidence I had discovered. By embracing this I learned about my assumptions and about my own educational theory and how it changed throughout the course of the research.
Throughout this assignment I wish to investigate my Assumptions, categorise and examine them to clarify where my thoughts on teaching are coming from. This will be imperative if I am to get a true understanding for the direction in which my teaching has taken. I aim to do this through the use of critical reflection, something I will discuss later in this piece.
The objectives of this assignment are to firstly reflect on our practise and the assumptions associated with them and generate a deeper understanding as to where these assumptions come from. We must then look at the teachers’ role as a professional. Recognition as a professional is something the teaching profession is striving to achieve; therefore we must look at the implications for such desires. Then in taking this information on board I aim to outline what this will mean to me as a newly qualified teacher and what the consequences will be for my future practise.
On first encountering this topic of becoming a critically reflective teacher I had to seek a meaning for the term. And quite frankly it was a topic I struggled with for a period of time until I took the time to further my understanding by discussing the topic with School Placement Supervisor and by furthering my reading of Brookfields lenses. The guidance I received helped me gain a better understanding for what is actually required to become a critically reflective practitioner, it helped me realise that I had to take a step back and reflect on my teaching from the point of view of my students. This idea of, how would you do if you were a learner in your class; can be seen in the Garth Broomer reading on Negotiating Curriculum. The idea of this fascinated me and drove me even further to deepen my understanding of critical reflection. From Brookfields reading on the course outline, The getting of Wisdom: what critically reflective teaching is and why is it important? I learned that critical reflection is a two-step process where the practitioner must first gain an understanding of how our considerations of power frame our practise and to then further question our assumptions to ensure that we eradicate the Hegemonic Assumptions from our practise. This also follows Tolmans Learning theory where he states that we do not build up a reserve of correct answers but eliminate...

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