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Research Project On Business Economics Curriculum

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The accomplishment of anything worthwhile in education and other circles depends on the accomplishment of its objectives and aims (Glenn 1). The educational curriculum provides the blueprint through which students and teachers accomplish their educational goals. In simpler terms, an educational curriculum provides an educational structure to propel students, administrators and teachers towards a sense of academic progression. When analyzed comprehensively, an educational curriculum provides administrators with a dynamic and comprehensive program to guide the learning activities of existing and prospective students (Glenn 1). On a much broader platform, administrators in colleges and universities have consistently used different educational curricula to attract students (Glenn 1).
Teachers have also been observed to use curricula to asses their students’ performance and progress in their educational activities. In fact for student progression, the educational curriculum has often been used to evaluate student performance to determine whether a student is fit to progress to a higher educational level or not. This therefore means that in the absence of an educational curriculum, teachers can never be sure whether they have really imparted the right knowledge for students to move from one level of education to another.
The importance of an educational curriculum however cuts both ways (teachers-students) because students also need an educational curriculum to determine the academic requirements of a given course. Without the guidance of the curriculum, students can be confused in a maze of academic courses (which would not to lead them towards any given direction). In a deeper sense, in the absence of an educational curriculum, students would not even be sure that they are undertaking the right subjects to attain a given degree or diploma. Comprehensively, a curriculum gives a sense of order and structure in the way things are done in the educational setting. The importance of a well articulate educational curriculum can therefore not be overemphasized.
However, in developing the right educational curriculum, a number of considerations ought to be factored in. This is important because the development of a curriculum normally goes beyond pooling together a number of academically required subjects and teaching them to the students (Glenn 1). Factors such as student learning needs, teacher needs, administrator needs, progression in the educational field and community perception ought to be factored into the development of the curriculum. The development of a comprehensive educational curriculum therefore implies factoring in the input of many stakeholders, such that, students can be able to meet the needs of the general community. Glenn affirms that “A curriculum prepares an individual with the knowledge to be successful, confident and responsible citizens” (5).
In light of these considerations, this study seeks to critically...

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