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Research Study Regarding Cancer And Alzheimer Disease

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Terynne Lee
Biology—D Period
January 9th 2014

The research was done by Robert S. White, Richard B. Lipton MD, Charles B. Hall PhD and Joshua R. Steinerman, MD. It was based on how non-melanoma skin is associated with reduced Alzheimer disease risk. The previous studies showed an inverse relationship between Alzheimer disease (AD) and cancer. The AD research center at Washington University stated, participants with prevalent AD had reduced chance of cancer or vice versa. Moreover, people with skin cancer showed more protective effect against vascular dementia and AD. The data from Cardiovascular Health found that AD was associated with reduced risk of future cancer hospitalization, but not vascular dementia. In whites, a person who was diagnosed with cancer had a reduced risk of AD. However, in African Americans, a person who was diagnosed with cancer had an increased risk of AD.
Some researchers suggested that skin cancer may have specific effects. Patients who had AD that were treated with y-secretast inhibitor had increased rate of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). Non-Melanoma skin cancer is the most common malignancy in the United States. In this article, the association of NMSC and AD is explored in the Einstein Aging Study (EAS). They hypothesized that NMSC would be associated with reduced AD risk and that the effect would not apply to other causes of dementia.
Methods and Materials:
The EAS is a type of longitudinal study that followed community-residing, systematically sampled and dementia-free older adults in the Bronx, NY. These people had annual neurocognitive assessments. In the study, the EAS followed people with and without a history of NMSC, evaluating the time to clinical dementia diagnosis. In order to deduce a biologically specific association between AD and NMSC, the EAS considered subsets according to diagnostic subtype. The two types were people with only AD (probable or possible AD as the sole diagnosis), any AD (probable or possible AD,...

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