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Research Summary Essay

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Not every person is the same, each person has a different personality type that effects how they spend their time, what kind of music they like, and how they regain their energy. The most commonly known forms of these personality types are extroverts and introverts. Extroverts are known for being overly enthusiastic, talkative, and energetic. Whereas introverts are known for being more withdrawn, quiet, and more inwardly focused. The two types are also know to gain their energy from different places; with extroverts gaining energy from social interaction, and introverts gaining energy from being alone.
Questions may be asked however as to how these personality traits may affect one’s ...view middle of the document...

To test this both studies put both introverts and extroverts through a series of cognitive tests both with complete silence, and highly complex sound playing. In both tests introverts showed a linear decline from silence, to less complex sound, to highly complex sound.
Extroverts tend to be loud, and sometimes obnoxious; while introverts on the other hand prefer to stay quieter and focus more on their internal monologue. Due to these traits it can be assumed that introverts have smaller informal support networks. (Zell, McGrath, & Vance, 2014) This however, is not the case; while it is true that extroverts and introverts have different communication styles, these styles actually complement each other. Introverts tend to give out deep analytical ideas which, in turn, motivate the extroverts with their slightly sporadic ideas. Introverts, in the meantime, tend to become inspired by the extrovert’s spontaneous ideas.
Self-presentation is a huge factor in an extrovert’s life, and it turns out the same can be said for the introvert. When put in a situation where participants had to judge themselves on how extroverted and calm they appear, both extroverts and introverts claimed that they were calmer and more extroverted than they were perceived by others. (Farah, Atoum, 2002) This can also play a role in how one might respond when asked about a global issue. Extroverts tend to put more empathy into a global issue than introverts. Introverts however seem to react more to a catastrophe than extroverts. (Radosevich, Ruf, 2009)
At the end of the day if an individual has not received their fill of social interaction they may turn to virtual interaction. However what type of virtual interaction might just depend on your personality type. Introverts preferred contacting other through chat or text messaging; in these cases introverts are able to take the time they need to fully express their thoughts. They also experience less anxiety worrying over whether or not they said the wrong thing. Extroverts prefer face-to-face methods, such as: skype, face time, and talking over the phone. Here the extrovert can vocalize their thought patterns and take nonverbal cues from their correspondent. (Blau, Barak, 2012; Amichai-Hamburger, Wainapel, &Fox,2002)
These articles highlight several factor that can play a role in communication between introverts and extroverts. They bring attention to the differences...

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