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Research Summary An Critque Essay

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Park, Kim, Kawk and Wayer (2013) were interested in which factors influenced product judgment. Additionally, they were interested in what contextual factors determined which product features individuals deemed important. Through a series of experiments, Park and his colleagues examined how thoughts of extravagance influenced consumer judgment and product choice. In order to assess how extravagance affected judgment and decision of products, participants were randomly assigned to one of two priming conditions (extravagance priming vs. no priming). Priming involves implicit memory exposure to a stimulus which increases response to related stimulus.
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Undergraduate students were randomly assigned to four combinations of priming and decision focus (self-focus vs. other-focus). In other words, participants had to make a product choice for themselves or choose a product to recommend to a stranger. To control for potential demand characteristics participants were told that they were taking part in several unrelated studies and switched experimenters for each task that needed to be completed. Participants were given 30 sets of six to eight words in scrambled order and were asked to reorganize each set of words into meaningful sentences. In the extravagance-priming condition, 15 sets consisted of sentence fragments describing extravagant behaviour (i.e., money so trivial much waste on things). In the no prime condition, the 15 extravagant-related sets were replaced with negative behaviours unrelated to extravagance (e.g., refused to carry to help an elder luggage). The remaining 15 sets of words were common in both conditions. Once the sentence fragment task had been completed, a new experimenter came in. The new experimenter indicated that participants in the self-focus condition had the opportunity to participate in a lottery to win a prize. Participants were asked to indicate which gift they would want if they were selected as a winner.
In the other-focus conditions, the experimenter of the sentence fragment task told participants that a gift would be left with the new experimenter, this ensured that each participant expected to receive something for themselves like the self-focus conditions. Once the new experimenter came in, participants were told that a more complicated study was being conducted with other students and that the experimenter planned to offer participants the chance to win a prize. Participants were asked which of two gifts would they recommend and why. In all conditions, participants had the choice of a basic option or a luxury option. Once a product had been chosen, individuals were asked to identify how they made their choice and were administered a questionnaire assessing how “impractical”, “unnecessary”, “wasteful” as well as, how “exciting”, “attractive”, and “delightful” the luxury product appeared.
Data were analyzed in all experiments using a logistics regression, a two-way interaction between priming and decision focus was found significant. Consistent with the initial hypothesis, priming extravagance decreased participants’ tendency to choice the luxury product for themselves, but increased participants tendency to recommend the luxury product to others. Results were explained in turns of wastefulness and desirability. When extravagance was primed, participants in the self-focus condition considered the luxury options as more wasteful and less desirable. However, the opposite was true for the other-focus condition when extravagance was primed. With that in mind, when extravagance was not primed participants were more likely to choose the luxury option for...

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