Does The Quality Of Eductors Effect The Student Learning

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Many educators would admit that they are responsible for student learning, but unfortunately the profession as a whole has averted using evaluations that are based on measures of student achievement, occasionally with acceptable reason, given the biased approaches that have been suggested. The solution, on the other hand, is not to continue with common strategies simply because they are benign and comfortable, but rather to evolve fair and reasonable ways of evaluating a teacher success with students. It is imperative that students are educated by their teachers to the highest level. In order to reach the highest level, teachers need to be evaluated so they can constantly improve their instruction or be replaced. It is clear that our students are behind according to their test scores, but is it their fault or their teacher’s? If teachers aren’t evaluated correctly, they may be erroneously teaching for years. In this case, the teacher does not suffer, the students do and so does their future. Most schools are ineffectively evaluating their teachers by measuring student achievement from tests as well as observing the teachers a few times a year. Alternative measures that focus on more than just one aspect of teaching, have clear standards and expectations, and provide constructive feedback can enhance teacher quality over time which in turn will increase student achievement.
In the New York Times article, “New York to Evaluate Teachers With New System,” a state-of-the-art evaluating system is introduced. This new idea of evaluating teachers is drastically different from the normal evaluation system that states have been implementing. In the article Channing Joseph explains that, “20 to 25 percent of each teacher’s rating score would be determined by state-approved measures of students’ growth, another 15 to 20 percent by measures established by the schools, and 55 to 60 would be based on in-class observations or performance assessed by video recording” (Joseph). This evaluating system does not just focus on value-added measures such as student testing or classroom observation, but instead reviews each part of teaching and evaluates based on a number of measures. This advanced system will improve schools across the New York state with it being one of the best ways to measure teacher success. This does not just affect teachers, it affects students, parents, and essentially all of America. Our students are suffering compared to other countries. The article “Here's How Americans Stack Up Against Students In Other Countries” by Joy Resmovits shows evidence of our students compared to other students across the world. Resmovits states, “Students in even the highest-scoring states don't match the top-performing countries” (Resmovits). Citizens may assume that America has a preeminent education system but compared to other countries, we do not. Discovering which is the best way to evaluate teachers is eminent because it can help raise America’s academic...

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