Study To Assess The Effect Of Developing A Job According To The Value Chain Recognized In The Company And It's Effect Subsequently On All Hr Processes.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT2EXECUTIVE SUMMARY3Job descriptions checklist3New job analysis requirements:8The most important facts in research to consider about the job analysis and job descriptions:8INTRODUCTION10Importance of the study10Job profile for Selection10Job profile for Training10Job profile for Succession Planning10Job profile for Performance Management11Job profile for Organizational Analysis11Literature review12Value Chain Part12Competency model part:14Study Objective:20Study Limitation:20Background21Research Methodology221- Problem definition22Research objective:23Research Assumption:23Research Design:24Data Collection Technique:24Research findings:28Conclusions30Recommendations32Appendices32References:33ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThis research represents an overwhelming effort of support and care from many people who helped me with it. So I am deeply grateful to all those who supported me and sincerely participate to make this research effort succeed and with special thanks to my supervisory Dr. Mona Moussa who provide me with her experience, deep knowledge, facilitation and support required to finish this research on the best way especially her grate kindness in advising and follow upI especially want to thank all people involved in competency modeling development as well as HR professionals who work on the process of collecting data , profiling and candidates assessmentAlso I owe a deep debt of gratitude to my close network of colleagues, SME's, employees and coordinators who have consistently encouraged and emotionally supported my effort to finish such researchSo thanks all from the bottom of my heartEXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn an attempt to develop a high performance working environment ,job analysis is our key to define the clearly defined working standards, core competencies and proper attitudes matching the organization's culture.The main purpose of this study is to assess the effect of developing a job and candidate profile according to the value chain recognized in the company and it's effect subsequently on all HR processes from recruitment, job evaluation, compensation and benefits, training and career developmentThe importance of the study and it's outcomes are all based on the assumption that the job , candidate profile and supported competency framework of the company will be promoted and accepted by all employees newly hired and old employees that have been working under the umbrella of the job descriptions and specifications previously established.The researcher conducted a pilot study in the melamine factory ( as a separate strategic business unit) to elicit the respondents reaction towards the new concept and framework . and to asses the validity and the reliability of the old developed job descriptions and specifications.Job descriptions checklistQuestionsYesNoI Don't knowJD Knowledge1.Did you read your company's Job Descriptions? 4212. are you aware of its main purpose?5303 Are you aware of the achievable aims of JD?3312.Do they bring about...

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