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Research Project Paper 1 For Res/341

677 words - 3 pages

Research Project Paper 1Research Project PaperResearch Project Paper 2In today's world, we have become a 'plugged-in' society, never far from instantcommunications whether it comes from our cell phones, blackberries or laptops. Withthe advent of wireless technology, people can obtain access to the World Wide Web ormake phone calls from wherever they happen to be. While purchases are made via theinternet, it is also fast becoming an environment where people meet to socialize andrelax. This paper will focus on the problem of ethics within online gaming and socialnetworks. While the research paper I studied chose Habbo Hotel as their focus, I amchoosing one that I am very familiar with and that online game is Runescape.While we all have heard of the dangers of sites such as Myspace and chat rooms,those who do not engage in online social networking probably cannot understand howsomeone's ethics can be called into question in a gaming environment but like with anygaming environment, with a little bit of ingenuity, the opportunity for cheating exists.Someone may decide they want a strong character but may not want to put the necessarytime into building their character up so they download a 'bot' program that performsassigned tasks in the game without the person being involved. This can benefit thecheater in two ways. The first is that the character gets stronger, therefore, can do morewithin the game, itself and second, if the bot is performing a certain task, the usercan reap the rewards by selling the items obtained while performing said tasks. The userthen becomes wealthy by in game standards yet has not worked for the profits.There are cheaters known as scammers. These people try to make unfair tradesdesigned to rip off another player. They do this by offering one product and thenswitching it out for a cheaper item at the last minute so the unsuspecting playerResearch Project Paper 3loses money on the exchange while the scammer either keeps the product or sells it for itsreal value.Finally, there are real world cheaters who actually gain economically by sellingin game items for real money....

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777 words - 3 pages %40sessionmgr3Sekaran, U. (2003). Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach.[University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-text]. Wiley, Hoboken, NJ.Retrieved April 4, 2009, from University of Phoenix RES 341- Research and Evaluation I Web site.

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581 words - 2 pages Imagine having to borrow money and risk serious debt just to stay healthy. The article "Borrowing to Stay Healthy" provided some scary statistics on what low to middle income people are resulting in doing to pay off their medical bills. It also provides real stories from people who have had to charge their medical debt to credit cards to illustrate the impact. This paper outlines the business research performed, the purpose for sharing it to the

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723 words - 3 pages concluded if not for the participation and help of the 1148 critical-care nurses, and the financial support of the study. The combination of descriptive and exploratory research methods was exercised to get a closer look into the daily actions and work schedule of critical care nurses.ReferenceHwang, Wei-Ting., Roger, Ann E., Scott, Linda D., & Zhang, Yawei. (2006, January).Effects of critical care nurses' work hours on vigilance and patients' safety.American Journal of Critical Care. 15(1), 30-7. Retrieve May 6, 2007, fromEBSCOhost Research database.

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665 words - 3 pages The business research in the article is about the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), which was signed and made into law by President Bush in July of 2002. This new law was to help restore investor confidence in United States financial markets. After incidents with Enron and WorldCom, lawmakers knew Americans had to be able to trust the companies they wanted to invest in. According to the article, "SOX has strengthened corporate

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3262 words - 13 pages electronic records and signatures on par with paper records and signatures (Garfinkel & Spafford, 1997).E-Commerce in Business EntitiesAll business organizations recognize the benefits of e-commerce. The customer can access information about the products, and compare and conduct research online before making a decision. An advantage for establishing e-commerce is the ability to have a round-the-clock presence on the internet, and to complete

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901 words - 4 pages THE POSSIBILITY OF PAPER OUT OF BANANA BARK PROPONENTS: Bautro, James Oliver A. Limbo, John Gabriel B. Geron, Christine Ann M. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Research II Batangas National High School Rizal Avenue, Batangas City March, 2012 Mrs. Vilma O. Villena Research Adviser ABSTRACT This project entitled "The Possibility of Paper out of Banana Bark" examines the potential of banana bark to be an alternative paper

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1094 words - 4 pages 1.Why did you choose to research this company?I have always been interested in the atmosphere that TGI Friday's purveys to their customers, and I would like to know whether their staff has as much fun as their customers do.2.List in detail all the benefits and perks employees receive. For Example: Medical, Dental, Vacations, Product discounts, Etc.BenefitEligibilityBrief SummaryAccidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) A Company paid

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691 words - 3 pages diagrams.PREPARATION OF BIBIOGRAPHY:At the end of the report, a list of all the sources used to get all the information for the report is provided. Sources are listed in alphabetical order by the firstword on each of your bibliography cards.PREPARATION OF TITLE PAGE AND TABLE OF CONTENTS:The title page is the first page of the paper. It should include the title of the report, name of the researcher, and the date on which the report is due. The table of

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895 words - 4 pages For Bananafish.” Magill’S Survey Of American Literature, Revised Edition (2006): 1-2. Literary Reference Center. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. Fassano, Anthony. “Salinger’s a perfect day for Bananafish.” The Explicator 66.3 (2008): 149+. Literature Resource Center. Web. 21 Jan. 2014. Lifehack Quotes. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Mar. 2014. . Moran, Daniel. “Critical Essay on

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1085 words - 4 pages Statistics in Business and Economics. McGraw-Hill, Burr Ridge, IL.Lind, Marchal, and Wathen. (2008). Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics, 13th edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.Sekaran, U. (2003). Research Methods for Business: A Skill Building Approach. Wiley, Hoboken, NJ.Summers, P. (1993, June). The Influence of Salary Arbitration on Player Performance. Social Science Quarterly (University of Texas Press), 74(2), 439-443. Retrieved February 20, 2009, from Business Source Complete database.Wise, W. (1999, September 6). Pitching POWER. Scholastic Math, 20(1), 10. Retrieved February 20, 2009, from MasterFILE Premier database.

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744 words - 3 pages Research helps us to discover, investigate, and gain knowledge of events, laws, or any other situations that may interest us. There are many benefits to research and during this class, I am hoping to learn more about the power of research and learn how to perform research thoroughly. Research helps us to gather results and those results help us to provide a foundation for the interpretation of the collected data. In this paper, I will attempt to