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I first became aware of Autism in my Elementary school. The students were all packed in the gym waiting for a surprise guest. A well dressed woman came on stage, and began telling us a sad story about a boy that had Autism. No one knew who he was, but we all felt sympathy for him. She told us that Autism is a disorder that occurs in there Bain. The woman also let us know that boys get it five times more likely than girls. Having Autism makes social communication very hard. It was hard for him to speak, and for others to understand him. This made it hard for him to participate during class discussions. He took a long time to speak and he would stumble over his words. He always felt bad and tried to stay quiet and to himself. I wanted to help but didn’t know where to start. The boy was extremely shy, but very smart. While I struggled in math, he was super good with numbers. Today’s studies show that people with Autism are very smart with numbers, art, and other classes. I used this to get to know him and found out he was pretty cool. Even though he had a disorder I treated him like a normal, average boy. This made him feel good and not so left out. Our class didn’t discriminate against his disorder. We knew that socially he was having a hard time making friends, and we didn’t want him to feel like the black sheep of the class. I could relate because my first days I felt like I didn’t belong, and that I would never be liked. I could only imaging what was going through his mind. He must have went through every emotion at the same time like I did. Our class treated him as one of us and no different. He overcame his shyness, and became a normal boy in the eyes of the other students. We wondered what research has been done to help people understand Autism. We found out the following information.
Researchers have studied Autism for some time, and yet haven’t been able to pin point what causes it. They seem to believe that what we consume, and our environment has a lot to do with it. There has also been some investigating into immunizations. It is believed that the shot for the measles, and shots containing thimersol causes Autism. Parents have been...

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