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Challenges of Leadership 1
Leadership Part II
MBA Program
Concordia University Texas
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Lynn Persyn, Ph.D.
In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements for MBA 5306
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Erica McNeal
September 25, 2016
Literature Review
Research says leadership challenges are within itself . When things are good or bad something new or revised during transition or times gets tough leaderships helps with all the problems. Great leader are held to a higher standard and smooth the transition. External challenges meaning outside the organization. Challenges may be difficult but needed in any organization (Global Leadership study, 2009). Advantages of external leadership are innovation which can bring new and exciting ideas to a company. A fresh pair of eyes whom could see the organization vision and help improves their staff, trust and ability and risk taking. Internal challenges are insecurity, defensiveness not being direct when there is a problem. Internal leadership also has advantages as well. An experience leader knows the business, culture, and the company breaking point. Leaders also have credibility with the upper level management, staff, and community. In this research the intent is to be proactive, creative, look for common ground, and accept feedback.
Finding or Implication
In my finding, there are good and bad external and internal challenges, but also there are different styles of leadership. Here are a few different styles of leadership.
1. Telling leadership style is characterized by increased direction to employees, often states that employees can be trusted to do good work (essaylib).
2. Selling/Coaching leadership style making or...

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