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Researching The English Standards Towards Black Males

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How effective are the standards of Education towards young Black males? Education has proven to be more challenging to African-American males all across schools. In regards to David E. Kirkland’s article, “Focus on Policy,” the current standards movement in English language arts (ELA) is distracting in the perspectives of the young African-American males. The ELA system fails to consider how Black males live and learn. Furthermore, this movement especially affects the engagement of English that Black people are struggling from. The problem that lies in education is that its learning system has not proven to be successful in hopes to earn the knowledge that everyone deserves, especially towards Black males. In efforts to resolve this problem, David E. Kirkland describes the possibilities that anyone can learn throughout the individual’s learning styles, the approaches to literacy, and the stories of the six young African-Americans that follows in education.
Throughout attempts to rediscover an individual’s learning style, Kirkland sets his sight on one particular person named Derrick. During his observations, it was seen that the young man struggles in efforts to comprehend the task at hand. In responses to the challenge, Derrick’s teacher gave him a new assignment, one that he might find interesting. As Derrick breezes through the assignment, Kirkland takes an interpretative approach to his actions and concludes that he is applying his own learning style into completing the assignment. After his observation, he overheard that the assignment Derrick accomplishes was found to be entertaining to him. This proves that implementing certain learning styles can promote engagement and entertainment towards an assignment.
For Black males, literacy lives within each individual in relations to real world events. As previously stated, the ELA fails to consider how Black males live and learn. First, Kirkland’s article about Rashad’s writing piece explains the true value of the word in terms of experiences that overshadows it. His articulation of literacy, however, limits the franchise of opportunities that one begins to own through culturally and socially sensitive acts. Then it is...

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