Market Research Tools: Apple, Inc. Essay

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Marketing Research Tools
Before the launch of Apple’s new LED 1080 HD Television the company will decide what tools are most efficient for its marketing research process. Apple will compare and contrast the chosen methods and analyze the applicability of each. Once Apple determines the best marketing research process Apple can move forward with its marketing strategy.
Objectives of Research
Market research can help a company like Apple excel by providing help with factors such as advertising, marketing, pricing, market trends, customers, competition among others. Effective market research can be so useful that apple could psychologically condition their customers to believe that they are in need of the product they are selling even if they can’t afford it or ever have need for it. The focus of marketing research is to collect data that is used to develop an effective marketing strategy. The gathered information is analyzed in efforts to gain market knowledge and eventually use to establish better relationships with that public for further penetration and development of financial gain within that market. In a nutshell the objectives of marketing research are as follows: Using an online database to collect information is the newest form of gathering primary research information, older processes included phone and postal mail to retrieve and process information. With an online survey data can be collected instantaneously and once completed the system can generate a customized coupon for the precipitant.
Marketing Research Tools: Primary market data methodology
Primary research is data collected/gathered firsthand by a research team after interacting with the sample population. Primary research data is often gathered through face-to-face contact such as interviews, meetings, surveys focus groups, etc. Like secondary data this information gathered can be concluded through reports, graphs, charts, etc. The following are examples of primary resources.
 Survey and observation
Apple’s market research team can use surveys and observation to record the behavior and responses of a specific market subset as they use and interact with the Apple LED 1080 HD. Through observation Apple can gain a better understanding of the products usability and appeal in the group, which can be use to create a strategic and elaborate marketing campaign for the LED 1080 HD. This study will help prepare Apple for their audience’s response to their campaign and their product by learning customer behavior through observation. Through this data collection method, the observation team may participate in some of the activities as he or she collects the data.
 Focus groups
In the case of developing a product such as the LED 1080 HD, the research may give a focus group an indirect approach as focus groups are groups composed of a population that have the required information. Basically, this means that the Apple researcher can lead the group gatherings by...

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