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Resembling The Sun Of Memories Essay

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The sun has the resemblance of an orange in many aspects or vice versa. The sun is a very beautiful as well as powerful source of energy for the world. An orange complies with those demands of the sun, but in terms of nutrition and health. An orange provides the human body with a very valuable source of vitamin C. The sun as well as an orange goes by hand because, without the sun; there would be no oranges and fruits or life in planet earth. The orange provides vitamin c which helps fight and prevents cell damage, therefore, keeping you safe and healthy from viruses as well as cancer, which is why an orange triggers in me the purest and a humble appetite for it.
During my infancy and as of today, I love oranges since I grew up eating them in school as well as at home. My parents would always punish me when I didn't finish my fruits right after dinner since I never had a pleasant Pallet for fruits. But, the ...view middle of the document...

I also noticed that my orange had shades of light and dark orange all over its shell. When you peel the shell from the inside of the orange, you can see the white fuzz or fibers of the orange ripping apart from each other as you peel the shell off. Once the shell has been removed, automatically you can smell the aroma of a crisp peeled orange skin in your fingertips. After peeled and cut in half, I noticed how moisture and bright as well as vivid the colors of the inside of an orange is. I could notice the bits of the orange stacked one on top of the other, but also how compressed the orange bits are in every orange slice. Most interestingly, I noticed how the orange is already sectioned into slices without the need of cutting it with a knife. Also, the outer border of the sliced orange has a yellow color with tints of gold resembling the sun, per say. As the orange is sliced, a white root running through the middle of the orange is noticed from where the orange in general gets its nutrients from the soil. As I take the first bite, I can instantly see the juice splashing out of the orange and taste the tropical and citric juice flavor of the orange dripping out of my mouth causing me an instant flashback of my infancy.
Every time I eat an orange, I instantly remember all those precious moments of my childhood. Every time I peel an orange and take a bite of those juicy orange slices, I automatically get sent back through time to when my mother used to punish me for not eating my fruits. Also, I remember all those great moments I had with friends in elementary school, for example, when my friends and I use to play handball or inclusively, when we would talk during lunch time. An orange is my portal to old as well as precious memories of mostly my infancy. I think of an orange as a very beautiful fruit that can provide me an escape through time with its vivid bright orange color as well as the smell of a freshly handpicked orange of the garden. Not to mention, the exquisite taste of the orange juice bits when it is hand squeezed creating a fresh sensation of being sent back through time.

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