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Home –Schooled Or Not To Be?

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Home –Schooled or Not to Be?

Most parents hear the word “home-school” and conjure up many assumptions that are either false or overlooked at. The technology provided, as well as the teaching quality spent on home-schooled children requires a lot of time and effort from the parents; it is an act of dedication and total commitment. According to the Robinson Curriculum, the parents have “little personal time or time alone. If care is not taken to set aside time for yourself, it is easy to never have time alone. They are basically with their [children] 24/7” (The Robinson Curriculum). There are many positives as well as the negatives outlooks pertaining to “sheltering” kids from attending private or public schools. Many adults are supportive of home-schooling because they feel a sense of corruptness in the school’s institution, and therefore want to instill their own morals into their kids. As for the parents who are against home-schooling, they state that the lack of skills to socialize is a draw-back from letting their children grow as individuals, and feel tat it will conflict with how they mingle in society in their near future.

What does home-schooling a child mean? Home-schooling means educating a child with the necessary equipments to knowledge the kid with factual school-related information.
These information usually parallels that of which many other public and private schools also teach. The only big difference is that the child is being educated at home in the surroundings of his/her comfort and where a parent plays the role of a teacher. There is no right or wrong way to be home-schooled. Each “parent will discover his/her teaching style and their children’s learning style” (Perrault) through the process. An article supporting the idea of home-schooling also mentions that “it’s difficult to describe a typical home-school day. Children learn from a variety of activities such as reading, conversation, play, outside classes, volunteer work and apprenticeships” (Home-schooling In Technology). There are many ways that home-schooled kids can fulfill their educational requirements. In today’s world where the internet is literally a mouse click away from getting practically anything you want, kids can go online and access such programs, projects, and field trips suggestions to be practiced in their homes. The only difference is that the projects will be graded by their parents rather than a teacher.

Home-schooling is very much legal. “Home-schooling is legal in all 50 states, although specific requirements vary, according to RSA 193-A, the New Hampshire home educational law” (The Learning Center). Legal home-schooling requires a lot of work from the parent’s side. They would have to notify the superintendents from the school about when they would start to home-school their kids. Also, the amount of information being sent to them must always be circulating. The parents must also keep their child’s portfolio...

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