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1. What experiences have you had which prepare you for this position (e.g perhaps as an employee, leader, or working with people different from yourself, etc)?
Working with different people is one of things I am excited about being a RA. As I met different people with different cultures, beliefs and worked together in the past, I am certain I know how to interact with them. These experiences taught me how to interact people different from me flexibly, how to withstand pressure and how to use differences as strength. Moreover I have taken several leadership positions before so benefits from those positions would be useful in becoming a RA. A resident assistant should always be caring ...view middle of the document...

When I meet with people different from myself, I respect the differences between our ideas and beliefs and the rights of an individual to have a different option. At the same time, I try to find common links, interceptions, between us. I search for the interceptions that we share together so that we could move forwards together. If we keep pointing out the differences, it would be similar to two people rowing a boat in two different directions. If we can find the direction where we both want to go, we can start rowing our boat forwards. When I became a RA, I believe that I could encourage other people to see their similarities instead of pointing out the differences and we could create a diverse community with same goal together to keep moving forwards.

3.What qualities or skills do you hope to develop or improve as a RA? How do you think being an RA will contribute to your personal growth?
I believe that being a RA would greatly improve my leadership skills. What a resident assistant has to do to his residents is very similar to what a leader would do to his subordinates. A resident assistant would care about his residents’ well being as a leader would do. He would counsel them on personal and academic concerns and keep students safe and healthy. Therefore, as a RA, I believe the greatest benefit would be the tendency to become a great leader. Moreover I also hope to develop my problems solving and critical thinking skills because a RA would face many problems during the semester. Everyone’s problem can become a RA’s problem so I think it would be a great opportunity to learn how to tackle the problems. As a RA has to interact with residents and college administration, his communication and social skills, essential skills for life, would be brightly polished too. In addition, as a RA has a lot of...

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