Living A Life With Hemophilia B

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Joey is a very active nine-year old boy. His favorite things are playing outside and math. You would never know by looking at him but Joey is not your normal nine-year. He runs, he climbs trees, he wrestles with his friends but he has Hemophilia B. He plays hard just like any other boy but unlike other children, when they would need to put ice or a band-aid on an injury, Joey has to go to the emergency room to receive medication through an IV.

Hemophilia is a genetic bleeding disorder. When someone has Hemophilia B, their bodies have a defective or missing protein called factor IX. (The Coalition for Hemophilia B, 1) Hemophilia B is only found in approximately 1 in 25,000 male births. (National Hemophilia Foundation. Hemophilia B Assessed July 16, 2009, 2) Joey has what is considered moderate hemophilia.

The first reaction most people have when they find out Joey has hemophilia is to think of how it limits him. Joey was raised to think of what he can do, not what he cannot do. He has learned to weigh the risks involved with every activity he does. Joey normally decides the fun out ways the risks and he has paid the consequences for that in the past. However, he does not let that stop him from making the same choice again the next time. He has been known to say while laying in the hospital bed "I am here now but I sure was having fun before I got hurt".

Due to Joey's condition he has become a very kind and considerate child. He is careful to not hurt other children and is very upset when others are hurt. He has a lot of friends and loves to play ball and tag with them. At recess, you can normally find him playing kick ball. Kick ball remains his favorite recess game even though he was hit in the head by the ball several months ago. Joey ended up having an internal brain bleed and concussion from that incident but it has not slowed him down. Joey does not let his hemophilia define who he is. He deals with needing factor when accidents happen but he does not let it hinder him. Most Hemophiliacs will be diagnosed shortly after birth.

Joey was three years old when he was finally diagnosed with Hemophilia. His Hematologists have since stated, they are not sure how he survived as long as he did without diagnoses and treatment. When Joey was 3 he fell from a pool slide and developed a hematoma or bump on his forehead. He received several CT scans but all the doctors said he was fine and it would eventually go away. As time went on, the knot on Joeys forehead continued to grow larger. Two months went by before the doctors decided something was wrong. They ran test and found that he has Hemophilia B. They realized he had been continually bleeding internally from his injury which was causing the knot to continue growing. They immediately treated him with replacement...

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