Living By Different Standards Essay

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Living by Different Standards

Who do these athletes think they are? Do they think they can kill, rape, rob, assault, steel, and use drugs simply because they make millions of dollars? And do they think they can get away with these things? Why are today’s sports stars nothing more than thugs and criminals?


And no I’m not talking to those “over-paid, drug-addicted, criminally-inclined athletes.” I’m talking to the public ? the critics and the so-called fans of college and professional sports. The people that apparently have never done anything wrong in their entire lives. The people that throw the first stone without guilt, like they’re skipping it across some still, lifeless lake instead of directly at a human being. The people that are absolutely appalled that Randy Moss would actually dive forward after a traffic officer decided to use his Lexus as an easy-chair. And worse yet that he would have marijuana in his vehicle. Does he actually smoke marijuana? That’s a drug! Who would do such a thing? Send him to death row! He’s not an athlete ? he’s a criminal.

And apparently he can’t be both. No one can. Somewhere along the line it was decided that crime has no place in sports. That crime is a right reserved for the rest of society ? the plumbers and builders, the doctors and lawyers ? and it may not be committed by any athlete without expressed written consent of the ROS (Rest Of Society).

But, the athletes just don’t seem to get it. Something has to be done. 99 percent of them must be criminals.

The way athletes are scrutinized in today’s society you probably get the impression that this is true, you would think athleticism was a curious side effect of criminal behavior. The general public seems to think that sports arenas are petri dishes for crime where only horrific things such as Randy Moss can grow and survive. People believe that sports have been taken over by criminals, as though college and professional teams recruit out of the prison yards instead of the schoolyards. And the NFL, or as the clever among us would say ? the National Felons League (how witty!), has taken the brunt of public criticism.

But there is no truth in the widely held belief that sport and crime go hand in hand. Little research and few studies have actually been done on the prevalence of crime among athletes or the levels of crime in sport compared to the rest of society, but the public obviously doesn’t need studies to form an opinion (Coakley, 157). When you open a daily newspaper and have to wade threw the mucky headlines of rape and battery just to get to a box score, it’s no wonder people think that all athletes are criminals. Simply put, athletes live by different standards then everyone else. And it’s unfair. They’re in the spotlight and for some reason this means they should do no wrong even though they’re far from perfect just...

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