Living In An Adventure In California

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Bright sunshine to frigid snow, all within hours of travel. A place for everyone, all ages, all cultures, all types of people. When choosing a place to live, we decide on the one that pleases us and our busy lives. For those who enjoy constant activity and sunny warm beaches, California and Florida tend to be on their list. Once learning all that California has to offer, they will jump on the decision to pack their bags and head for their new home. California offers exploration and something new every day. “If they can’t do it in California, it can’t be done anywhere.” -Taylor Caldwell (Fun Quotes about California by Stephen Frank, www.capolitical
Roughly thirty-eight million people live in the state of California. (U.S. Census Bureau, Imagine the various types of people to meet. California is the home to many ethnicities and cultures. Its high population hits on all types of groups of people, leaving no one out. From hardworking business men and women, to the laid back beach dwellers, California accepts everyone. The state is home to singers, actors, doctors, beach goers, snowy mountain inhibiters, and much more. Although Florida is known for its beautiful boardwalks, it is only home to nineteen million Americans. (U.S. Census Bureau, The state is not home to as many people as California; it is not home to various groups of people either. Florida does not offer a place to live for those who enjoy big forests and windy mountains. Florida is the land of pesky resort owners and beach-bums. In comparison, Florida is not as diverse, and is much smaller in population size.
Soft white sand, crashing waves and the hot sun are on the list for those who want to be in paradise. Both Florida and California offer these qualities, but California provides various climates all within a card ride. In some places, Californians can surf the blue, salty ocean, take a short car ride, and enjoy shredding the white covered mountains. For those who want to live a life full of adventure, California is the place to be. One can soak up the sun, ski the mountains, and hike the forest all in one weekend. That is something Florida does not provide. It is home to fishers, sun bathers, and golfers, but it does not offer choices. Everywhere in...

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