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The legacy Elton John created in the music industry will be remembered throughout history. He is an inspiration to many rising artists. Even when Elton John’s childhood led him to be self-conscience of his image, it was an asset that paved his way to stardom leading to the dream nearly every American has within their mind.

In the town of Middlesex, England on March 25, 1947 was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, known as Elton John (Rooney). Despite everyone and their flamboyant views on his image, he was actually slightly overweight and wore glasses as a child (Rooney). His parents had high expectations of him becoming a banker; although he couldn’t live up to those wishes (“Elton John”). His only escape from life and the pressures it gave him was his passion for music (“Elton John”). His talent for music began at the age of four where he learned to play the piano and led to him earning a spot in the Royal Academy of Music at the age of eleven (“Elton John”) Deciding to follow his passion for music, he pursued his dream to become a professional musician (Rooney; “Elton John).

John started out as a messenger and a tea server for the music publishing house that he worked for (Rooney). He also held side jobs such as being a pianist for random bars and clubs to help support himself (Rooney). During this time, he had joined several bands, yet his first and most notable band was Bluesology (Rooney; “Elton John”). Bluesology was the band that John had been at the time when he decided to use Elton John as his stage name, rather than Reginald, by combining “the middle name of Bluesology’s singer, Long John Baldry, and the first name of a saxophone player, Elton Dean (Rooney).” Thus began the legend of Elton John and his music career.

In 1967 a request for musicians, songwriters, and composers was placed by Liberty Records and John decided to try (Hochman 562; Rooney). Dick James, the music publisher that helped the Beatles earlier on in their career, decided to give John, along with Bernie Taupin, a chance (Rooney). “’Nobody expected Reg to become anything big,’ Baldry remarked in Time. ‘He was a shy person, almost introverted onstage.’(Rooney)” While working for Engelbert Humperdinck and Lulu, John and Taupin released their first song in 1968, “I’ve Been Loving You”, but by 1969, they both became fed up with writing out songs for Humperdinck and Lulu and decided to branch off on their own (Hochman 563; Rooney).

Their first solo album, Empty Sky, was released in June of 1969 “which was a commercial flop. (“Elton John”; Hochman 563)” By 1970, John’s luck grew immensely with the release of his second album self-titled, Elton John (“Elton John”). Elton John contained his first hit single, “Your Song,” which was increasingly popular in both the United Kingdom and...

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