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I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and have come up with so much information! We can fight this! Titus, we can resist the Feed. Children have been fighting against their oppressive governments for years and making a difference. I am aware that writing this letter is dangerous, but I am not risking any more than the “218 million children around the world who work as child labourers or the estimated 300,000 boys and girls who are exploited by armies during times of conflict, and forced to act as soldiers, sex slaves and servants” ( As Franklin said, “Society constructs the children it needs. Instead of policies to protect children in the community, the government and media have preferred to promote polices to protect the community from children” (5). This is exactly what the Feed has done to us, Titus. It has stolen our right to individuality. According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, “we have the right to say what we think should happen when adults are making decisions that affect us, and to have our opinions taken into account” (Article 12). Our freedom from the Feed is what I am advocating for as it is more detrimental than accommodating to our generation. There is a story I read about a young girl named Yeny, and her fight to bring peace to her country of Columbia. “Determined to make a change, she and her friends decided to promote peace by organizing carnivals, parades, and parties for kids in the city. Before long, the peace movement had attracted children from right across the country” (Mulder). We can do this too, Titus. If these children could organize such an event and even manage to stop the violence for a day, why can’t we use the same techniques to arrange for our voices to be heard and prompt the resistance of the Feed? The Columbian children were affected by violence and blood shed, while we are bombarded with constant advertising and the knowledge that the Feed is ever present and monitoring our every move. There is no difference. “The Peace Kids’ advertised in the most modest of ways possible, they spread the message by word of mouth, putting up posters and the like” (Mulder 54). We have it easier. We can use the Feed against itself! With one thought we can send a mass M-Chat message and spread the word. One mass message and then ignore the Feed all together instigating the largest boy-cot in history.
We have constitutional rights as citizens of America and we have rights as Children on this planet. However, Feednet and our government has hindered our freedom. Franklin in his work, The Handbook of Children’s Rights states:
Ideologically, children have become the focus of a moral panic, in which the media have played a crucial role. Media presentations of children have metamorphosed them from the innocent ‘sugar and spice’ angels, reminiscent of the iconography of “Bubbles” in the Pears’ soap advertisement, into inherently evil demons who,...

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