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Resistance To Tyranny Is Obedience To God: Susan. B. Anthony

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On November 5th, 1872, Susan. B. Anthony did something no women in the United States could legally do. She voted. Since it was illegal for women to vote, she was arrested for “purposely casting an illegal vote”. Anthony claimed that because of the 14th amendment allowed women to be citizens and as citizens, they were able to vote. Susan B. Anthony was not allowed to testify for herself because she was a woman, found guilty by the all men jury, denied the request to poll the jury as well as the right for a new trail, and when the judge asked "Has the prisoner anything to say why sentence should not be pronounced?", she was denied the right to speak. Susan B. Anthony was fined $100, but she ...view middle of the document...

(O’Malley) Susan B. Anthony was motivated to become an activist in the field of women’s rights because of family, religion and education. However, Susan B. Anthony also focused on many other activist movements in order to gain rights for women such as temperance, abolitionist, and voting rights for women. (Susan B. Anthony Museum and House.)
Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820 to Daniel and Lucy Anthony. Growing up in the Anthony heavily shaped Susan B. Anthony’s activist career. Daniel Anthony, Susan B. Anthony’s father was active in Temperance and Abolitionist movements. Her brothers, were anti-slavery activists in Kansas as well. This meant that from a young age, Susan B. Anthony was encouraged to speak out against wrongdoings she saw in the world. Another part of her family influence was her religion. Susan B. Anthony was born and brought up in a Quaker Family. (Susan B. Anthony Museum and House)Quakerism is a form of Christianity and is also known as The Society of Friends. Quakers do not rely as much on the bible, but on the belief that God stirred in the heart of every human. The Society of Friends was founded in the 1650’s in Europe and had many different beliefs than that of Christianity. Quakers such as Susan B. Anthony had many common practices such as dressing plainly, refusing to take oaths and bear arms, and believed in equal rights for all and quakers were also against drunkenness and overuse of alcohol. Her father, being a strict quaker enforced these rules. (Facts on File) Because she grew up as a quaker, Susan B. Anthony thought that women and slaves should have equal rights as white men and set a foundation for her to move into abolitionist and women's rights movements.
Because their family was a quaker family, Susan B. Anthony's father wanted all of his children to have an education. Susan B. Anthony went to school in Battenville, New York as well as Quaker Boarding school near Philadelphia. Most women at this time, were not receive public education so they were considered dumber and inferior to men. This was one of the many reasons women were denied the right to vote. (Susan B. Anthony Museum and House) Susan B Anthony could see through herself, that women were not in fact not any dumber than men but just did not have the opportunity to receive public education. When Susan B. Anthony turned 17, she began to teach at a schools in New York and became head of the Canajoharie Academy in 1846. While working as a school teacher, Susan B. Anthony was exposed to the inequalities in the work field. Women were paid about half as much as men for completing the same job. (Susan B. Anthony)
Susan B. Anthony began her activist career in the field of temperance. Being a quaker, she believed that heavily drinking liquor was sinful. When the Sons of Temperance would not allow women to join, Susan B. Anthony organized the Daughters of Temperance. Susan B. Anthony gave many speeches for the Daughters of Temperance fighting...

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