Resistance Towards Weight Stigma And Sexual Orientation In The Gay Community University Of Connecticut Essay

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There are different types of men who comprise the gay community at large. In the gay community, gay
men often use descriptive terms to identify and label gay men, which includes otter, bear, wolf, twink,
cub, and so forth. Today my topics will focus on the bear subculture. Before I get into the student union
Rainbow Center and sat down on the comfortable sofa, I barely know anything and never heard about the
bear subculture, because I used to divide all the gay man into the single LGBT group. Maybe I am
unacquainted with the bear subculture at first, but thanks to the Dr.McGrady’s lecture, and other materials
I get from the net, I have a preliminary understanding and interest in this LGBT subculture.
My topic mainly explores the potential of resistance towards weight stigma and sexual orientation in the
gay community as well as the production of masculinity. First Dr.McGrady gave us a brief description of
the definition and the characteristic of the Bear group, “Men in the gay community who have hairy bodies
and facial hair. Many are stocky or muscular. Typically, Bears are friendly, polite, and easy-going, a far
cry from their animal namesake.” This made me had a basic concept of what kind of men
can be divided into this subgroup. Then the professor introduced the background of it. The bear culture
emerged in the late 1970s amidst the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and early stages of the gay
rights movement. Since its beginnings, the culture has proliferated across the globe with bear events,
social clubs , dating applications, and marketing.
However, the experience of social stigma is not passive. Despite the rise of the subculture, the “bear”
label maintained a low-key profile in mainstream gay media at first. So after the formation of the bear
groups, they started to define larger bodies as attractive and to resist stereotypes of gay sexuality.
Maybe all the gay men will struggle with their sexual orientation. Since they are sexual minorities, they
are more likely to experience sexual isolation from family and friends, discrimination, and threat of
violence. When young guy men first realize this sexual orientation, they usually feel pressure to alter their
actions in order to avoid bullying and violence from other men. I still impressed by Walt, a character in
the teen comedy-drama The Carrie Diaries, who is confused about his sexuality for a long time. Walt
was born in a traditional American family, and his father hopes Walt go to the Dartmouth University, get
married and have children just as he did. Also, Walt once had an ex-girlfriend, Maggie, but he never truly
fell love in with her. He tried to have sex with Maggie to prove his being a heterosexuality. However, he
do not had his heartbeat on the bed with Maggie, instead he have a feeling of heartbeat when he first meet
Bennet, another gay man worked at Interview Magazine . In season 2 he begins dating Bennett and his
mom sees a picture of them in a local newspaper and kicks him...

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