Resistances Affiliated With Disease, Temptation, And Pain

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This article was for a sociology class in 2nd yr of college it represents a first glance at the world of resistance and how bodies both physically and emoptionally "resist" different materials feelings and even germs. It provides a first glance of the total spectrum of resistance and its basic meanings. Many students who have papers on conflict or resistance between partners/people, etc will find this helpful as a basic first paper stating what one will further develop a term paper around! GOOD LUCK!Resistances affiliated with disease, temptation, and painResistance is a common abstract that every human encounters. If you are not facing resistance presently, it will eventually cross your path. Well-known resistances are affiliated with disease, temptation, and pain.The word "resist" is the root word in resistance. Resistance is dealt with an object, feeling, or an idea. To resist something is to fight or oppose against it. Resistance also means to withstand the force or effect of something. Despite Webster's description of this concept, we cannot define resistance as beneficial nor hazardous. It has the qualities of both beneficence and harmfulness.One of the most common resistances is a vaccination. Without vaccines our bodies would be susceptible to dangerous viruses and diseases that could cause serious illness or death. Vaccines have the qualities of beneficence.The human immune system provides resistance. A stable immune system fights the common cold. It also kills dangerous pathogens and other substances that could harm the body. For the most part, the immune system has the qualities of beneficence.There are some scenarios in which harmful resistance surfaces. Since the immune system resists foreign substances, sometimes the effect is hazardous. When the body undergoes a heart transplant the immune system could reject the foreign object because the cells are unfamiliar. Thus the outcome is hazardous.The lines between beneficence and...

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