Resistant Reading To Al Gore's Documentary 'an Inconvenient Truth'

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Attention all rational, clear thinking people here before me. Al Gore is back, and he is crazier than ever. I am here today to speak to you about the relentless advertising campaign Gore has instigated in an attempt to help revive the public support for his failed attempt to convert the world to his irrational, science fiction fable of manmade global warming, in his documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Many people have been inundated with an onslaught of Gores cleverly marketed commercials that have attempted to persuade you and me to ignore the true scientific facts and evidence, in hopes that we will support his misguided views on manmade global warming. For many years the lies, hype, hypocrisy and hysteria surrounded by Gores fallacy of manmade global warming has done nothing but instil fear and anger into the eyes of innocent people who unfortunately, have little knowledge of our world and its state. Within the documentary, Al Gore misleads his audience by presenting rather contradictory evidence that either backs up his own blatant lies or is missing vital pieces that make the puzzle and disagree with his theories. Along with providing the viewers with misleading evidence, Gore has also developed a keen likeness of emotive tactics, using many visual and audio visual techniques in an attempt to enthral you all with his utter lies and rubbish.I would first like to start of today with Al Gore's presentation of evidence, which plays a major role in his documentary. Throughout the film, Gore has used a wide range of facts, images and statistics that consequently support his own claims and inconvenient theories. However, when digging deep to find the cracks and crannies that appears in his slideshows, it is clearly evident that he has bluntly manipulated scientific proof to justify his own, personal opinions about the world. Now listen here. Make no mistake about it but, manmade global warming is a flat out lie. Al Gore knows it's a lie, but why should he care? He's made his millions, won a Nobel Prize and even taken home an Oscar, all based purely around his web of lies and deceit. Al Gore's spokeswoman and 'environment advisor', Ms. Kalee Kreider once said that the film 'presented thousands and thousands of facts'. It did not: just 2000 facts in 93 minutes would mean that one fact was presented every three seconds. The film contained only a few dozen points, most of which will be seen to have been substantially inaccurate. And this was definitely proven. In October 2007, the High Court in London had identified nine "errors" in his movie An Inconvenient Truth. It was then later found that another 26 'scientific inaccuracies and exaggerations' were further found in Gore's movies. The first pretence I'd like to your attention is the statement Gore made about the sea level rising up to six metres if the western part of Greenland or Antarctica were to melt. In the next 100 years, according to the calculations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate...

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