Resistence To Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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This report seeks to examine the causes for resisting genetically modified (GM) food in the world. There have been resistance to genetically modified food have been going on since is commercial production began in early 1990’s (Glass-O'Shea, 2011). The European Union has been delaying decision to allow farmers to introduce GM food crops in their farms or importation of GM foods without labeling as compared to the North American counterparts. This report investigates the major causes of sustained resistance to GM food, the effects of this issue and possible recommendations to soften this position.

Causes of resistance to genetically modified food
There have been fears that genetically modified food could have far reaching health effects in after a prolonged time of consumption. Several studies indicated that other organisms are affected by the genetically modified food (Macek, Kotrba, Svatos, Novakova, Demnerova, & Mackova, 2008). Many leaders especially in developing countries are concern that genetically modified food is a ploy to enrich some certain corporations in developed countries. These are main reasons for resisting genetically modified food

Risky for human consumptions
There is a growing concern that the companies that are involved in production of genetically modified food do not conduct extensive research on adverse effect to humans. This contributes heavy why the European Union (EU) is particularly very slow in deciding to allow farming of genetically modified food crops. Since foods may contain other materials that do not have any nutritional values, there should an independent study on effects to humans after consumption (Kuiper, Kleter, Noteburn, & Kok, 2001). It is not clear who sponsors the researches that promote commercialization of genetically modified (GM) food by companies but when non-governmental organizations commission health impact research on (GM) food, they make it public hence removing conflict of interest (Diels, Cunha, Manaia, Sabugosa-Madeira, & Silva, (2011). This controversy of conflict of interest leave the general public undecided on whether to accept them or not without much information about their health implications.

Socio-economic impact
Genetically modified food is a technology that is expensive to invest in. developing countries cannot therefore afford the technology that requires a lot of investment in agricultural research due to constraints in their budgets. The GM seeds are patented by company that develop them creating fears that farmers would be required to sign contracts that will prohibit them from for new seasons. This would force farmers to pay royalties to use GM seeds and purchase the seeds every season from few major companies (Syngenta, DuPont, Monsanto) engaged in genetically modified seed business (Glass-O'Shea, 2011). The issue of fighting hunger requires a concerted efforts that will assist poor farmers to use homegrown resources that are missing in their...

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