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Resolution 36/103 Of The Un General Assembly (1981)

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The United Nations General Assembly 36-103 focused on topics of hostile relations between states and justification for international interventions. Specifically mentioned at the UNGA was the right of a state to perform an intervention on the basis of “solving outstanding international issues” and contributing to the removal of global “conflicts and interference". (Resolution 36/103, e). My paper will examine the merits of these rights, what the GA was arguing for and against, and explore relevant global events that can suggest the importance of this discussion and what it has achieved or materialized.

The idea of intervention is either favoured or in question due to multiple circumstances where intervening in other states has had positive or negative outcomes. The General Assembly was arguing the right of a state to intervene with the knowledge that that state has purpose for intervention and has a plan to put forth when trying to resolve conflicts with the state in question. The GA argues this because intervention is necessary. This resolution focuses solely on the basis of protection of Human Rights. The General Assembly recognizes that countries who are not super powers eventually need intervening. They do not want states to do nothing because the state in question for intervening will continue to fall in the hands of corruption while nothing gets done. The GA opposed foreign intervention, but with our topic it points out that intervention is a necessity when the outcome could potentially solve conflicts and issues. In many cases intervention is necessary to protect Human Rights. For instance; several governments around the world do not privilege their citizens with basic Human Rights. These citizens in turn rely on the intervention of other states to gain or maintain such rights. The GA to some extent mentioned the idea of Invasion versus Intervention and Political intervention versus military intervention. They argued how invasion may be represented through military intervention. "The duty of a State to refrain from armed intervention, subversion, military occupation or any other form of intervention and interference, overt or covert, directed at another State or group of States, or any act of military, political or economic interference in the internal affairs of another State, including acts of reprisal involving the use of force" (A/RES/36/103). For example, the intervention in Somalia. It was put in question to whether or not this was an intervention or an invasion. At the time there was many disturbances occurring. We discussed in class the multiple attacks, including the attack on Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya. It demonstrated the idea that this could of happened anywhere. It brought international attention. Although the plan was to intervene and resolve conflicts, Kenyan forces entered Southern Somalia with the launch of operation Kinda Nchi, "Protect the Nation". Although this "intervention" was necessary, the name itself...

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