Solving The Foreclosure Crisis With Community Serving

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In a perfect situation the American people would all have the career they want and maintain the expense of the house hold they live in. Due to the economy drop and job losses Americans cannot afford the homes they live in. To help the foreclosure crisis I came up with the idea of community service of the people who are losing their homes. My plan not only will help the foreclosing it will create jobs. Community service will instill a new idea to the Americans who are willing to do what they have to in order to save their homes. People want to stay in the homes they have already partially paid for and have begun raising their family or started to design to their likings. Not foreclosing and allowing a community service would be the most ideal for someone in this position. Banks who participate would receive tax reductions for allowing the community service. The Internal Revenue Service will sort the taxes, and the president and congress make rules and regulations. All together these four groups will work together in harmony.
Helping out the plant earth’s well being by doing community service and getting relief from it would be the way I would like to see the people save their homes. This would show that people are motivated to keep their homes, and not just trying to live coast free. The participants who help would make America less polluted, happier, and a safer country. The people who have physical disabilities could do thing like visit the elderly, and read to young school kids. Physically capable people have a variety of thing s available to do. Americans would also feel proud of what they have done for the community which they live in. Parents would also be creating a positive thought in children’s mind about pollution and littering and to contributing. Maintaining effective services for people to do would not be difficult because there are always things to do. For example cleaning up garbage off the streets, Salvation Army, planting trees, cleaning and spending time with kids at community centers, and sorting out recyclables are a few.
Banks in return for allowing community service should get a tax deductible. Contributing is the reason, because they would be contributing the money people would be normally paying for homes in return for community service. They would be allowing Americans to keep their houses when they contribute time at the banks expense. The deduction will have to be presented to the bank on how it works and also explain that the bank will not be losing any money. The banks will have employment rise because they will need someone to do the paper work, and be on the site as a ”group leader” to make sure people are doing their part in participating in the job chosen for the day. Businesses across America get tax deductions because they donate items or personal time. Community service for banks would be a great exception to...

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