Solving The Foreclosure Crisis Proposed Plan For New Laws And Reform Of Schools, Prisons, State And Federal Agencies To Improve The Foreclosure Crisi

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The Home Foreclosure Crisis is due to people losing their jobs. Without jobs, people do not have a steady income to pay their mortgage and keep their homes. To solve the crisis, job creation is required. To create more jobs, the government needs to operate schools, prisons, and state and federal agencies more efficiently. So much money are wasted, when they could be use to give people jobs. And new laws are needed regulate the banking systems to prevent future crises.
If prisoners were put to work and prisons become close to self sufficient, they government would save a lot of tax payer money. Criminals are a burden because as prisoners they do not pay tax, but millions of tax dollars are needed to keep them away from the general population. California State Lawmakers even wanted to give free aerobic and yoga lessons to prisoners so that they do not fight with each other so often, in spite of California’s $40 billion dollar budget deficit1. It is unfair that people are starving in communities, while criminals get free yoga lessons. The power of honest work can pacify prisoners and saves tax payer money. When a person does a job well, there is a feeling of satisfaction and proud that boosts the ego and gives a happy feeling. Thus, when prisoners work, they will become content and they will also be too tired to fight with each other. This is more beneficial than yoga classes. Programs such as Inmate Firefighter program proved a good precedent for putting prisoners to work. The prison population could doing jobs such as laundry, cleaning toilets and dining hall, etc. These prisoners of course have to be non-violent offenders or not a danger to themselves or the prison community. In the future, prisoners could plant fruit trees within the prison. The fruit could be harvested and eaten, saving on the cost of food. Plus, the trees are like an orchard, giving a place for prisoners’ family come when they visit. Small rewards could be administer to encourage good work and good behavior such as candy bars, lotion, etc. With the money saved, more could be put toward a stimulus to create more jobs.
Schools are wasting money paying incompetent, non-teaching, teachers due to union contracts2. There must be laws allowing schools to fire such teachers. Having students clean bathrooms and classrooms could be a way to teach students to be more appreciative of the facilities at school, and thus reduces vandalism. School desks and chairs cost schools thousands due to student carving on them, treating them poorly. Parents must be held responsible for such damages. In addition, parents must be able to pick the schools their children can attend regardless of the district they are living in. With competition between the schools to attract students, school are more likely to adjust for the better, such as hire good teachers, have healthy school lunches, and have good afterschool programs and clubs. The government can also give each school a small...

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