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Hospitality Marketing Management (1)History of Hotel Nikko Hong KongHotel Nikko Hong Kong is a member of Nikko Hotels International (NHI), a luxury hotel group operated by JAL Hotels Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Japan Airline with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. JAL Hotels has been a hotel management company since its establishment in 1970 as a subsidiary of Japan Airlines Co. Ltd. On July 1, 1996, Japan Airline Development Ltd. was renamed to "JAL Hotels Company Ltd." to further establish its business description as a hotel operator. On April 1, 1999, the hotel effected a merger with "Japan Airlines Hotel Co. Ltd" resulting in taking over the management of the "Ginza Nikko Hotel" and "Kawasaki Nikko Hotel". This wan a welcome addition to the JAL Group's business enterprise and created a strong base for the JAL Group. The result is stable, effective management and reinforced financial standing with the aim of achieving the goal of the "world's leading hotel chain", a distinction the JAL Group continually strives to attain.Cultural EnvironmentThe cultural environment includes institutions and other forces that affect society's basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. Nowadays, people believe that health and fitness is very important. As a result, if restaurant in Hotel Nikko Hong Kong provides healthy foods and beverage, it can attract more people. Furthermore, many Hong Kong people work from daybreak until bed time, they face high pressure. If hotel provides service and facilities which can make people relaxed, such as spa, high tech AV, it can attract people as well.Demographic EnvironmentDemographic is the general population characteristic. Hotel Nikko Hong Kong has many restaurants which are suitable for wedding, such as Garden Room and Fountains Room. If the marriage rate increased, the demand of these restaurants will increase. Besides, many people who are in Generation Y like Japanese culture and Japanese style, they may think service and facilities in Hotel Nikko Hong Kong are suitable for them.Economic EnvironmentIt consists of...

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3872 words - 15 pages Event Planners (2) Independent Business and Leisure Travelers.Reasons for choosing The Ritz-CarltonAs Ritz-Carlton is well known around the world, its strong hotel brand is valuable to study in the aspect of brand management. Moreover, it has already established numbers of hotels and resorts globally; it would be a difficult job to manage the brand consistently in different countries. This allows us to investigate what measures Ritz-Carlton has

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3896 words - 16 pages tourism’s environmental and social impacts in “Agenda 21” of the 1992 Earth Summit, hotel associations in developed nations are making effort to drive hotels towards controlled environmental management (Kasim, 2004). Most hotel businesses are conducting a practice, policy and strategy known as an Environmental Management System (EMS) to get advantages among competitive hotels in market share (Darliy and Huang, 2001). Therefore, hotels have to

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3434 words - 14 pages 1.0 Introduction The main purpose of this assignment is to recognize and confer the significance of a computer system in hotel business. The paper sheds light upon the computerized system utilized for the allotment of rooms and also the billing system used by the hotel; Stayz Villa. At present, the management system of Stayz Villa is operated manually which results in the rise of a colossal amount of problems. This assignment will give an

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1912 words - 8 pages Located at 373 Fifth Ave in Manhattan, Hotel 373 is a small, boutique styled hotel nestled in the shadow of the Empire State Building. It’s proximity to one of New York’s most iconic landmarks attracted a booming stream of tourists. Opened in 2007, Hotel 373 is held under the management of the Hersha Hospitality Management Company (HHMC), which also manages over a hundred other hotels within the country. Due to its petite size, the hotel


1654 words - 7 pages History Of the Hotel According to mandarinoriental (2013) Madarian Oriental Hotel is a group of Hong Kong people started to build. So in 1974 this hotel was formed as a hotel management company. This group was expand the hotel into Asia, because they wanted to make more money all around the world. Since the 1990’s this group of people has expanded the hotel almost all around the world, 45 hotels representing over 11000 rooms in 26 countries

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684 words - 3 pages with new towels. The Lord Elgin currently holds 3 Green Keys. "A hotel that has taken significant steps to protect the environment. Strong environmental programs, best management practices, training programs, and engineering solutions have been implemented which have benefited the environment and the local community" The Lord Elgin is using strong environmental programs to help save energy, water and resources. The hotel also trains management and staff to become a "greener" hotel with the practices mentioned above.

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875 words - 4 pages symbols. Firstly, routine and rituals comprise the repeated patterns of behaviour from the workers. Routine is how employees behave towards those in and out of the organisation and supports Deal and Kennedy’s (1982) saying of “the way we do things around here”. Rituals, on the other hand, are more so social events which management arrange e.g. work meetings, Christmas parties. Another artefact is stories. Often colleagues will tell each other stories

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982 words - 4 pages the Hotel.  Developing strong relationships with the investors and safe hotel management contacts to management the investment.  Another objective of the hotel is to adopt best commercial and ethical business practices to deal with integrity with the suppliers, clientele, employees, and other stakeholders. Legal Requirements: 500 Marketing Plan Industry Profile: Hotel Dreamland would be operated in the hospitality industry of Australia

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