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Hotel New Hampshire. Essay

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Biography of JOHN IRVING-John Winslow Irving was born on March, 2nd, in 1942 in Exeter New Hampshire, USA. His father was a prof of russian history and his mother was a nurse-He was dyslexic before that particular learning disability had been identified by name. He says that he was an underdog and that he had to control the pace of everything-He visited the Exeter Prep-School and in 1956, at the age of fourteen, he begins to write and to wrestle-His stepfather, a Harvard graduate, taught history at the school-He has studied at the university of New Hampshire-He participates in a foreign study program. He studies in Vienna on the Institute for European Studies under Gunter Grass-In 1965 he acquires the wrestling-licence-1966 he his first son is born with his wife Shyla-1967 he gets his first job as a teacher at the Windham College in Vermont-1968 he publishes his first book Setting free the bears-1976 he is 34 years old and this is the last time when he participates in a wrestling-tournament-In 1977 he works as an assistant professor of English at the Mount Holyoke College in Massachussetts-1978- his first success with his novel The world according to Garp which allows him to dedicate himself just on his work as a writer-1982 he marries his new wife Janet Turnbull who is his agent-In addition to his work as a writer he works as a coach of wrestling at the Vermont Academy. He also coaches his sons Colin and Brendan-1983 his son becomes the New-England-Champion-1989 John Irving withdraws himself at the age of 47 as the wrestling-coach-1991 birth of his third son Everett-Today he lives in Vermont and TorontoSETTINGThe setting is laid in different kinds of hotels, cities and countries. The first Hotel New Hampshire is located in the hometown Dairy, New Hampshire. The second one is situated in Vienna (Austria) and the third one which is actually a fairy-tale hotel in Maine, which has earlier been the old Arthbutnot-at-the-See where Win Berry attract attention to Mary Bates for the first time during the summer. After the stay in Vienna the family lives for a short period of time in hotels in New York.The settings are very important for the development of each character. Because of the different kinds of surroundings in a town or a metropolis the family is confronted with a lot of extraordinary people be it prostitutes, Freud the animal trainer or the radicals who they spend a space of their life with. Besides the living in hotels contributes to the strong cohersion of the family.Throughout these extraordinary persons they are formed and influenced. The characters, who are allowed to dream and be really mad in this novel, seem to be more unusual and extravagant for the reader.The period of action spans the years 1939-1965. The whole content is marked by the world war II and the postwartime.In the period during 1939-1943 the novel deals rather more with the past of the parents, the Arthbutnot-at-the-See, Freud, the 1937 Indian and the bear Earl.In the...

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