Resource Allocation For Quantity Of Information Delivery In Parallel Channels

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Energy consumption of data communication systems is becoming an
important issue due to the large use of devices. The evaluation of
energy consumption can be done from various perspectives which include
implementation and hardware issues as circuit consumption and non
ideal performing signal processing algorithms for data recovery
\cite{LI11, AUER11}.

In fact, it is well-known that the minimum signal energy per
information bit that is required for reliable communications in a
Gaussian channel can be obtained from the minimum signal-to-noise
ratio (SNR) that is equal to $-1.59$~dB. This result was firstly
derived in~\cite{SHAN49} in the asymptotic regime assuming that the
transmission of the ...view middle of the document...

In this paper we only focus on
the energy efficiency in relation to capacity.

With delay tolerant applications and networks, the constraint on the
time of transmission can be relaxed~\cite{FALL03, BOLL11} and the
solution to the problem of minimizing the transmit energy leads to the
use of an infinite time of transmission. However, from a information
theoretic point of view, it becomes interesting to study and develop
resource allocation schemes that ensure reliable communications with a
given energy constraint near to the asymptotic energy limit but
assuming a finite bandwidth and time of transmission. The objective is
then to find the feasible and bounded set of parameters that provide a
given energy efficiency. From an operational point of view, focusing
on energy efficiency, instead of spectrum efficiency, can lead to the
development of new and green communication services that exploit the
underloaded usage periods of the networks and the mechanisms of
load-shedding \cite{LOPE09}. More than two orders of energy gain can
then be expected \cite{HAMI11, HAMI11b}.

In this paper, to focus on the system energy efficiency and formulate
the objective, we start by defining the energy efficiency factor
$\beta$ as the ratio between the asymptotic energy limit and the
energy required to transmit an amount of bits with limited (time,
bandwidth) resources. Then, the optimization problem becomes a
resource allocation problem under the constraint given by the defined
energy efficiency factor and under the constraint given by the
quantity of information to be transmitted. The problem is solved for
parallel independent Gaussian channels. The focus is given on...

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