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Human beings and animals always shared a special relationship. Nowadays, more and more people take great importance for animals. Animals have provided to humans the care, love, support, and transportation needs that were necessary. Even though animals are unable to speak in humans' language, they do understand humans' emotions and feelings. Animals such as pets give more respect and affection in return if their caretakers love them and consider them as their own. Since humans are given the ability to differentiate between what is right and wrong, they shouldn't treat any animals badly. People believe some animals should be treated just as well as humans for different reasons. Humans respect ...view middle of the document...

Service dogs help blind people navigate through various types of obstacles such as going out to places and using transportations. They are trained to support people with disabilities. Without service dogs, people with vision impairment won't be able to take care of themselves and will face emotional and social problems in life. Service dogs help people with disabilities to overcome their obstacles and help them live a normal life. A quote from Francis Fukumaya's essay "Human Dignity" talks about respect of animals, "The rights of certain animals, in his view, deserve greater respect than those of certain human beings" (190). The fact that animals protect human beings in disabilities, they should be respected and given rights. Pets such as dogs have cognitive intelligence when it comes to protecting their owners in need of help. They have humane qualities to be responsible which is worth respecting since not all animals can be as caring and kind as dogs. Companion animals have feelings and conscience just like humans and are great at protecting humans hence are given more respect than wild or sport animals.
Humans respect animals that are attractive. Not every animal is as cute and fuzzy as puppies and kittens. People would want to be around something that is appealing to the eyes than something unappealing. As The Dalai Lama mentions in "Ethics and the New Genetics", "particularly worrying is the manipulation of genes for the creation of children with enhanced characteristic, whether cognitive or physical" (136). Humans are looking for ways to manipulate new technologies for better looking children. Similarly, humans try to select a breed of certain animals that fit perfectly into what they find attractive. Just how humans want their own children to look a certain way, they would prefer animals that look a certain way such as puppies and kittens. The reason why humans want to look and have attractive things is because others can respect what they have. The features of certain animals that attract humans are big eyes and rounder heads which are considered to be ideal physical features. In "Animals Like Us" Hal Herzog discusses how he studies individuals who love animals but face moral boundaries in treating animals and he says, "the veterinary student tries not to cry when she euthanizes a puppy" (246). Just because a puppy is warm and adorable, the student hesitates in ending its life. People get nervous when it comes to treating an adorable animal to relieve its pain by vaccination which puts an end to their life. It's the features and appearance of an animal that is being appreciated and wanted, thus it is given respect.
Humans respect animals that show emotions. Just how humans act and behave a certain way in different places, animals do the same. All animals feel physical pain, but only some can show emotions such as sadness, joy, rejection, and anger. Those who cannot show such emotions are less respected by humans as humans cannot...

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