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Respect For All Natural Living Beings: An Argument To Acknowledge All Animal Rights In Society

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Respect for All Natural Living Beings:
An argument to Acknowledge All animal Rights in Society

Throughout history, societies have been faced with many social issues affecting their citizens. Martin Luther King Jr, a civil rights leader for African Americans, was an advocate for the Civil Rights Movement, a movement that fought to undo the injustices African Americans endure by American society in the 1960s. Martin expressed his disgust with the social inequality among citizens when saying “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (PETA). Taking the prominent leader’s words into consideration, we should progress as a society by participating in the animal rights movement that strives to extend the same compassion, felt by Martin Luther King Jr, to all living things (PETA). Popular criticisms report that animals are inferior to humans because they are a source of food, but I will argue that they are victims of social injustice. Validity for my animal rights argument will come from individual and organizational expert accounts and by Bioethicist Peter Singer, Author Francis Fukuyama, New York Time’s Mark Bittman and also Animal Rights organizations, such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and Animal Equality, to help prove my argument. Animals are silent victims who are loudly crying out for someone to stand up for their rights; rights that can no longer be disregarded by being overlooked. It is my belief that animals should be respected, and afforded ethical and human treatment by society instead of being looked at as a source of food. In a society where animals have no voice, it is everyone’s civic duty to participate in the animal rights movement and acknowledge animals as living beings, which share genetic relationships to the human race as our ancestors, and are worth far more than just a source of food.
Where did we come from? This is a question surrounded by curiosity and allure, a question many human beings have asked, and sought to answer their origin. Scientists and philosophers alike have been searching for the truth, each coming up with various theories about the human race’s origin. The theory of Evolution, a theory presented by one of the greatest figure in biology, Charles Darwin, demonstrated the evolution process that animals undergo to keep up with their environment. Darwin collected and cataloged his evidence from the five year voyage for about twenty years before publishing all his findings in a book titled, The Origin of Species, and used it to prove that natural selection occurs in evolution (Natural Selection 1). He then proposed the theory of evolution with the purpose to explain how important of a role the process of natural selection played in determining what animals would be around for future generations. As a result, today his theory of evolution has become the unifying theory for all biology, which supports the connection that through time animals have evolved into the human race,...

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