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When one is questioned if they think someone they know that is or has been bullied the answer is easy. There has been no shortage of cases of bullying in schools all across America. The use of superior strength or influence to intimidate and typically to force someone to do what one wants has become an epidemic. It is causing fear in schools with nowhere to get support. Bullying can happen to anyone: tall or small, male or female, and the stronger or weak. It can affect sleep pattern, work ethic, depression, and stress. Bullying in schools has become an increasing problem however; it can be reduced by laying in place parental awareness programs, teachers working with students, and policies and rules known by all student and staff.
Parental awareness programs are a huge measure of reducing bullying in schools. When it comes to addressing children’s behaviors according to Hellwig (n.d.) stated that “keeping parents informed about their child’s grades, friends, behavior, and even attitudes in school is an important tool when addressing behaviors” (para. 22). When a parent notices a difference in their child’s behavior it can turn into a red flag for bullying. Parents can then take action by asking questions and talking with the school about unordinary change in their child’s behaviors. Compelling parents to be aware of the kinds of bullying going on in the school systems can permit schools to work with students with their parents’ permission and support. With parents embracing anti-bullying measures the school can now increase those teachings into the class room.
When reducing bullying in schools, the classroom is a place where teachers can impact every student. They can teach students about bullying through lessons plans. In each grade starting from kindergarten and going through college will learn different aspects of bullying through games, videos, quizzes, activities, and books. In the classroom setting it allows teachers to communicate with their students on a more personal level. Hellwig (n.d.) explained that “when teachers have open communication with their students, their students will feel more open to talking to them about their problems—including bullying” (para.18). When teachers openly talk about bullying in class it can give strength to kids that thought they were alone. They can now feel safe enough to come to someone in the teaching staff about falling victim to bullying or even being the bully. Teachers can make a strong impact on the students by bringing up the strict rules and policies that were put in place by the...

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