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Respect The Red Essay

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Respect the Red

Everyone runs at least one red light once in their lifetime and for the most part without a problem. However there are some consequences if the driver is not careful, and the more they do it the greater the risk. Some people run red lights because they are either impatient or “they don’t have the time”. Others do it because they see it as “ no big deal” or a common mistake. Regardless of the amount of excuses made, running a red-light can have huge negative results that may include getting a ticket, damage to the car, or even death. My paper will go in depth with these possibilities and their effects it has on the person and the others around them.
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This means a high price to pay if the drivers aren’t covered. This is another effect of running a red light, which is severe, but not as serious enough as getting injured or dying. The odds of injury here are also great, and one cannot really differentiate the incident of an injury, whether mild or serious, from an occurrence of car crashes, Cars colliding at any speed are likely to cause harm to the car, which can also array from being slight to awfully tragic. This can mean getting a small dent, or completely messing up the engine In either case, the owner would have to save up money and pay to get the car fixed and this is an burden to the drivers; (the economy doesn’t help either.)Which could have been avoided if the red light had not been foolishly dismissed by the driver’s mind.
A 3rd consequence of going through a red light is that the person passing through the red light would get a ticket from the police. If a person runs a red light, two things can happen: either the meeting would be supported up with cameras that would...

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