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Responce Paper

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Program A was one of the best shows that I have attended in the Theater at Marietta College. In this paper, I would like to talk about three important elements: actor performance, dialogue and delivery, and audience reaction.
First of all, the use of actors was different in each play and that what made the audience didn't feel boring. In the first play, which is “Tainted Love”, all the actors were women. When I talked to the Asst.Director “Nick” about this play, he told me that the real play was performed by man and women, but they decided to make it in this way because they couldn't find any actor for this play. Actually, the actresses in this play did a really good job by showing us a similar idea of the original play, especially that there were lot of kisses in this play, which means it is important to have an actor to give a clear emotional message to the audience. On the other hand, the second play “The Last Yankee” performed by actors ...view middle of the document...

Second, we have experienced a new form of dialogue and delivery in some plays in program A. For example, in the “Tainted Love” the dialogue and delivery was new for me because it was about a combination between the past and the present, and that what made this play special from the other plays. I in my opinion, showing us this kind of dialogue was smart idea to make the audience understand the real harsh feeling of regret that some people have throughout the period of their lives. Moreover, the dialogue was different also because there were exchanges of ideas between a real person and imaginary people. In contrast, I didn’t see any new form of dialogue and delivery in “The Last Yankee”, and the dialogue was between two characters who wanted to show the different classes of people, and this kind of dialogue can be a traditional dialogue. The dialogue and delivery in “If you Just Believe” was diverse and comprehensive. Furthermore, they formed the dialogue in a comedy way so that the audience can receive the main idea of this play easily.
Finally, the reaction of the audience is an important indicator of the success or failure of any play. As one of the audience, my reaction on the first play “Tainted Love” was little bit weird because I did not expect to see two girls kissing each other in front of me, and that happened to me because we didn't use to see these kinds of shows in my country. In my opinion, this play had a great influence in the audience reaction because they have showed me a new style of plays. Oppositely, the reaction of the audience in the second play “The Last Yankee” was different from the first play. For instance, some people did not pay attention to the play by talking to each other or playing in their cell phones during the play. In the last play “If you Just Believe”, the reaction of the audience was amazing because the last show was funny and dramatic. Everybody was laughing in this show, and it was a really good that made all of us leave from the theater with smile. In short, program A had some advantages and disadvantages, but I think that the idea of this program was very useful for us in order to make us observe the differences in the elements of the drama.

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