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Response Essay 2

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The word women is defined by Merriam-Webster as “an adult female human being” or as shocking as “the girlfriend, wife or lover of a man”. The word women, plural, or woman, singular, can be said derives from the words men, plural, and man, singular, a word defined by Merriam-Webster as an “adult male human being”. In my point of view, this shows how women are overpowered by men and characterizes the battle of the sexes women struggle with every living moment. This essay will pertain to how women should be treated justly and equally to men when in the hookup and sex culture, having the “slut stigma” reduced to a minimum.
It is said that men seduce and women are designed to be seduced. This entails that women who want to be active in the sex culture have to “pull maneuvers” to be seduced by men, for example wear “slut attire”, or behave in a “slut” manner. The word “slut” is used to describe a woman who is part of the sex and hookup culture, which entails multiple parters, enjoying sex, or a woman who is rumored to have a sexual appetite that society disapproves of. Urban dictionary describes a “slut” as “a woman with the morals of a man”, this shows how double standard and battle of the sexes is prevalent even after the feminist movements have brought women to such high standards of life.
In the essay by Laura Hamilton and Elizabeth Armstrong Double Binds and Flawed Options it is said that “...while men are expected to desire and pursue sexual opportunities regardless of context, women are expected to avoid casual sex-having sex only when in relationships and in love” (Hamilton and Armstrong).This is at the heart of women’s dilemmas with both hookups and relationships. Hookups and sex follow gender stereotypes of women being submissive and men acting domineering. Not only gender stereotypes, but classification of the “slut stigma” and gender double standard is directly studied in the essays by Hamilton and Armstrong and Reid, Elliott, and Webber. Women are the ones that by the gender script want a relationship and are harshly looked upon when in the hookup culture, but men are the ones that control the relationship imperative and by the gender script are more involved in the hookup culture. If women did not have the gender script and the “slut stigma” to go upon, women would have more power and would not feel resentful toward men.
In many cases hookups are an outlet for women to be free in their sexual experiences, but at the same time the hookup culture does not benefit them. By the gender script women are not seen as the gender that initiates sexual actions, but behaviors that promote relationships. What if women do not want relationships and only want an outlet for sexual agency? In relation to the essays in conversation an outlet for sexual agency is not something women should desire. When women enter the world of sex and hookup behavior...

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