Response Essay Over Scott Gourley's Article "Air Force Special Ops"

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Gourley - General of Writing, or Should he Wave the White Flag?Scott Gourley's article "Air Force Special Ops" encompasses the roll of someone in the Air Force Special Operations Command, the training they face, and the weapons they use. Gourley uses military terms and descriptions to iterate his focus points. The Air Force Special Operations Unit (AFSOU) has been operating since the times of World War II as the covert operations squad for the United States Air Force. They work alongside units of other branches of the military such as the Navy's SEALs and Marines' Force Recon. It is a time consuming process to become associated with any special tactics unit, and those up to the challenge face months of training.Gourley is a writer for an everyday magazine called Popular Mechanics, and despite the article's military wording, he explains acronyms and definitions in layman's terms - for example, the explanation of SOFLAM with its proper name "Special Operations Forces Laser Marker" (Gourley 2). This fits into his style that is consistent with other works in the same magazine. The content itself displays the basis of AFSOU and how "there are 19 AFSOC Special Tactic units, called 'flights'" (3) that all work together in missions. As described by Gourley, to become part of one of these "flights" one must endure "more than 18 months of grueling work" (8).Following an organizational pattern, the author then goes on to discuss the equipment used by these teams. Gourley elaborates on guns such as the M9 9mm pistol, ground vehicles that include the Rescue All Terrain Transport, and transport aircraft like the AC-130H. He briefly describes how a Special Tactics (ST) team might use these sorts of amenities. Gourley lastly touches on the roll that these men, "no women are permitted in ST units" (8), have played in the ongoing war continuing his style of descriptions and military terms.The following article, entitled "Air Force Special Ops" by Scott Gourley, is brief but detailed look into how AFSOC works, what it takes to be a part of it, and what the members of these teams use to effectively complete their missions. He tells us of the Remington 870, 12 gauge shotgun, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), MC-130E Combat Talon aircraft, and Zodiac F470 combat coat. These advanced weapons and many more make up some of the most powerful equipment used by any part of the United States Armed Services. They are handled in particularly by one group. This division carries small and large arms and uses many land and air vehicles to get work done. They have been operating in Afghanistan since 2001, two years...

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