Response Of Idea That Marijuana Has Gotten More Potent Over The Years And The Media Portrayal

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The war on drugs is an inevitable event and can not be eradicated. There is always going to be people doing drugs whether they are abusing it or not. As the generations move on, the teens of the next generation become more and more "mature." Our generation is moving at a much faster education rate than as the generation in the 1970s. Our 8th graders now are in what would be the 11th grade English class in the 70s. The downside to this is that our generation is also starting to drink and do drugs earlier in their child life. It should not be surprising that our generation is the "rebels," ...view middle of the document...

Look at our nation today, more than three quarters of the population in the United States have tried marijuana and some of them are even our leaders and prominent figures in the US. One can not deny that marijuana is not as bad as some of the other drugs and even alcohol. Marijuana does not have any long-term effects but all short term effects. It is true that marijuana has only gotten so much stronger in the THC content. The media portrays this as a bad thing but it could be regarded as a good thing. The reason that people will go from marijuana use to harder drugs is simply because the "high" in marijuana is not as great as it used to be. However, when the THC is 10 percent to even 30 percent, it just shows that most people want to use marijuana and not other drugsThe media simply hypes this drug use up. Where are the statistics of cocaine and crack use? The statistics are probably lower for drug abuse in harder drugs because most people are only doing marijuana. I am not a pro-drug person. I think that drugs should be illegal and that all drugs only lead to worse ways. I do not agree with the punishment of some drug charges but it's something I could live with. However, I do not regard marijuana use as a drug; as first hand experience I could simply say that marijuana is something to experience for everyone and the people that are strong in themselves will not experience this as a gateway drug.

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