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Megan Johnstone Plagiarism Assignment 2

This article, posted by Time, is proof that plagiarism is a common occurrence, however, it still comes with a punishment. The main point of this article is to show how plagiarism can be easily detected in the real world, so it should always be avoided in writing. In the case of Fareed Zakaria, he was accused of being a ‘serial plagiarizer’ for the multiple occasions that he had stolen statistics and facts from other sources, as well as copying passages from other books in his own writing. In 2012, Zakaria stole multiple sections of an article on gun control, written by another author by the name of Jill Lepore. While he did apologize for the incident reported in 2012, what Zakaria neglected to do in the first place was give credit to everyone that he retrieved statistics from, as well as the passages that he took from other authors. Fortunately, Zakaria was suspended from Time and CNN, however, he currently works for CNN, as well as The...

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460 words - 2 pages seventh grade english teacher would always tell me, “ Why would they put you in this class you're going to get failed anyways.” That brought me down to the point that I none of my homework. She was just so bitter towards me, i never understood why she was even a teacher. What had stuck to me till now is that she said “ You think I am strict and mean wait until you get to highschool.” She was wrong. Not one teacher has said any of those words on the

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558 words - 3 pages groups create a gap in society that reinforces differences in class. To begin with, the society in Gattaca is rich with discrimination. In the movie, individuals are discriminated against on the basis on the basis of their genetic code. The movie also shows that discrimination against gender and race no longer exist. While genetically engineered individuals are treated as superior, those born by natural means are treated as inferior, second

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1065 words - 5 pages English 12: Short story personal response for The Locket, by Kate Chopin In the lives of many people, certain items have held great importance in those lives due to their association with elements that has an significant, if not symbolic effect on their lives, such as association with past memories, events, or people. The locket presented in The Locket by Kate Chopin is one that binds the themes of love, loss, the chaos of war together

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620 words - 2 pages How would you want to work at McDonalds the rest of your life? When someone drops out of high school there is a good chance that is where they will end up. Dropping out of high school with an educational background of the tenth grade can significantly reduce your choices in future job opportunities.Approximately fifteen to twenty percent of young people in the twenty nine nations of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

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1884 words - 8 pages up in this paper, but it all connects. It starts with high school students dropping out because they do not have the necessary tools to learn, leading them to forget about English studies and the English language. Then, the world gets so wrapped up with learning, reading, and writing on computers, that we leave behind the very foundation we were originally built upon. In conclusion, humanities are important for students. Music teaches

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786 words - 4 pages Dear School, As a student who graduated from here, I strongly suggest that educational system should alter guidelines. Most Taiwanese students have been suffering with Spoon-feeding education. They only need to know specific answers to directly questions. The knowledge they learn is all about how to pass College Entrance Examination In Subject Competence and get a high grade. However, this process is only a ticket for them to get into a

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