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Reaction Paper IIZenea MouProfessor Heshan FernandoPSY 108-002March 20, 2014Reaction Paper IIAttachment is an important part of psychological health. John Bowlby created the attachment theory in which he describes the long-term relationships between people. The most important part of the attachment theory is during infancy in which the infant develops a relationship with a primary caregiver, such as the mother. Although the attachment theory focused on infancy as one of the most important tenets, Nathan S. Consedine and Carol Magai address the relationship between attachment and emotion much later on in life in "Attachment and emotion experience in later life: The View from emotions theory."Nathan S. Consedine and Carol Magai found that there is a relationship between emotion and attachment. Consedine and Magai based their research on a 1118 adults from an age range of 65 to 86 years. Their main focus was to explain the connection between attachment and emotion on older adults. "…different dimensions of attachment were associated with different emotion profiles, even when background variables were controlled." The different types of attachment styles were related to various emotions. For example, attachment security was related to less guilt and greater joy. On the other hand, dismissingness was related to greater interest and less joy (Consedine et. al, 2003, p. 165). Consedine et. al states that while aging, positive emotions increase and negative emotions decrease. The results showed the different relationships between emotions and attachment in later life. Security was related to being married and low levels of fearful avoidance. Dismissingness was high in African-American females and had a positive correlation with fearful avoidance. Fearful avoidance was high in African-American males single people, and people with lower income (Consedine et. al, 2003, p. 176).Some of the results can be explained with real-life situations. Consedine and Magai addressed that as people age they seem to have an increase of positive emotion and a decreased of negative emotion. When people age, they slowly meet their long-term goals which can explain the increase in positive emotion....

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Reaction Paper for Human Services

793 words - 3 pages Reaction Paper # 3Definition: Goodness benefits all the people of a society equally and fairly, and equal opportunity for all. Justice prevails through goodness, and will override evil.Motto: Justice and Equality for all. Goodness rewards all. Together we work as a whole for the benefit of all.Social: Each person has the same power and society level. No one is more powerful or better than the person, all people are created equal to serve upon

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582 words - 2 pages This weekend a new science-fiction movie staring Charlize Theron captivated my interest for one and a half hours. My boyfriend had given me the previous history of the original cartoon series (a cult hit) by Peter Chung. This short reaction paper will explore the movie's costumes, location, and the meaning of the name "Aeon Flux".Let's start off with a short synopsis of the movie: This thriller is set 400 years in the future. Charlize Theron

Reaction paper

1616 words - 7 pages “My happiness is in your hands.”1 This is the Countess’ plea as Susanna enters the Count’s study. She is about to accept the Count’s offer to meet after her wedding at her mistress’s request. This riveting scene in “The Marriage of Figaro” premiered on the stage of the Burgtheater in Vienna on May 1st, 1986.2 With the music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte, the Italian opera was an adaption of Pierre- Augustin Caron

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1176 words - 5 pages To react to the first assignment, all the quotes mentioned in the earlier assignment still sustain, but one more quote from Einstein is added. Because my personal philosophy of science still believes that science and religion go together (Quote #1 to 3). Human beings obtain wisdom and abilities from religion to understand the phenomena through science application to investigate the phenomena. While religion can cultivate a human beings’ sense of

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1220 words - 5 pages Shoshana Kowalsky Reaction Paper to Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness William Styron, in his poignant literary work “Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness” writes from a very personal viewpoint of the symptoms and the impact of depression, particularly on his own life. Not only his life in general, but how it impacted his social and emotional relationships with others and even the effect on his own self-image. In a way, Mr. Styron

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1113 words - 4 pages to stay at Central, both mentally and physically. She would often doubt herself and lose hope. However, as the book progresses I feel like Melba started to build a tougher skin and learn how to deal with it, although still difficult. Melba's grandma told Melba to "change the rules" by instead of giving the bully a reaction (which is what they want) to instead say thank you or compliment them. That advice helped Melba keep herself together and

Issue Reaction Paper: The Theory of Democracy and Demos: A reaction to a quotation in Euripides's play "The Suppliants".

1698 words - 7 pages The following is the statement I will be responding to in this paper:"The demos cannot form proper judgments and therefore cannot rightly direct the state". Euripides, The Suppliants.Firstly, the statement is taken from Euripides's play The Suppliants, in which Euripides, using a Theban character expresses his critique of direct democracy. The demos or the people are the citizens of a city-state. The primary argument in the statement is that the

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1118 words - 4 pages , realized through this experience and humbly accepted with an enthusiasm and motivation to openness. This epiphany of sorts, received and examined, actuate a catalyst for change. This message, provided eloquently and subliminally, surprising and welcomed. A new sense of humility overwhelms and brings about new possibilities awakened within. This momentarily experienced emotional reaction, varied and less complicated than currently expressed

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679 words - 3 pages OthelloReaction PaperSara FletcherOthello is a very powerful play, and easily understood. The language used seemed to be less complicated than some of Shakespeare's other works. The characters are well developed, and they are revealed to the audience to be exactly what they are.Iago is the protagonist of the story; he is evil and hates Othello. Desdemona is Othello's wife and she is loyal, and very much in love with him. Othello is a proud and

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831 words - 4 pages his discoveries. Touring Lincoln’s home was not as interesting to me as the rest of the fieldtrip. The tour guide spoke mostly about furnishings and wall paper and I wanted to hear more about Lincoln himself. I would have been happier with a self guided tour of the home. On the positive side you could take all the pictures you wanted. They had a mock up town in the information center that was interesting. It had buttons that would light the way

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720 words - 3 pages Even with the hundreds of cable stations there are today, it is not easy to find a TV show that truly promotes tolerance and diversity the way Sesame Street does. This paper will illustrate why Sesame Street is so unique when it comes to topics of culture. Specifically, the paper will explain how it attempts to address diversity represented in the American landscape. It will also address to what extent the media relies on stereotypes when

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Reaction Paper

608 words - 2 pages Running head: REACTION PAPER PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 REACTION PAPER PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 3 Reaction PaperThomas VargasENG/125June 26, 2014Edward GarciaReaction PaperIn the short story "Misery" by Anton Chekhov, Iona Potapov is a cab driver in St. Petersburg whose only son has died. It may seem Iona would have many friends and people to converse to about his misery, but Iona lacks the communication skills and people person skills to portray his

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814 words - 3 pages training for financial literacy and job skills. The Federal Stimulus dollars were distributed to all states ranging from $3 million for low population states (e.g Wyoming, South Dakota) to $186 million for California.Media Reaction Paper 3Several forms of media (e.g. Internet, Newspaper, TV and Radio) confirm that companies, and people in general, are more successful in managing diversity with respect to gender, race and ethnicity. However, racial

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1318 words - 5 pages This reaction paper will focus on three of the articles we were to read. I will highlight all three pieces and offer an explanation as I understood it when reading. I will begin with the Bizzel and Herzberg piece on rhetoric, and follow it with an overview of the Schwandt piece, and finally I will discuss the Gales article.The first one I read was the General introduction piece by Bizzel and Herzberg. This article basically explains what

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1955 words - 8 pages Evolution Reaction PaperAfter finish watching the movie "Darwin's Dangerous Idea", our biology teacher asks us to write a reaction paper based on each section in the movie. There are ten parts in the movie, which include: Darwin's Observations from the Beagle, Humming Birds, Darwin's Idea of Natural Selection, HIV Evolution, Complex Organs: made/evolve, Eye Evolution, God versus Natural Selection including Humans, Can God Fit in Science, Society