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Response Paper #3

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We are all influenced by our schema, which is an expected situation structure formed from cultural background and past experiences. We expect certain scenarios to have certain structures, but that may not always be the case. In the given scenario, I am an interpreter that is contacted by the interpreter referral service and I am asked to interpret a performance review for a Deaf man. The Deaf man works on the production floor of the Gillette Company and I have never met him before.
The schema that comes to my mind when picturing a performance review is a serious meeting in the bosses medium-sized office. The boss will be sitting behind his desk, hands folded. The person receiving the performance review would be sitting in a chair in front of the bosses desk, a nervous look on their face. Basically everything you see in the movies. A well lit office space with a bookcase and random artwork on white walls. It may also be a bit noisy if the boss' office is near the production floor. The boss would open up the employee's folder and take out the packet containing all of the employee's performance review information. The boss would start with what the employee is doing well and then follow up with what they should improve on or the boss may choose to start with improvements needed and then end with what the employee excels at. In the given scenario, an interpreter is thrown into the mixture. The schema that comes to my mind is pretty much the same other that the employee would maintain eye contact with the interpreter, not the boss, and that there would be an interpreter standing either next to or behind the boss.
There would be a few questions I would want to ask myself and the referral agency before accepting this assignment. The very first question I would ask myself is if I feel like I would be able to handle what could possibly be a fairly noisy environment. If I said yes to the first question, I would remind myself which city the assignment is in and ask myself if I would have enough time to get there taking into consideration that I may have other assignments that day. If the answer to the second question is yes, I would then accept the referral agency's request and ask them some questions after gaining more information on the assignment. I would ask the referral agency where the Gillette Company is located and if they know where I will be able to park my car. I would then ask how long the appointment would be. Also, I would ask the cultural or ethnic background of the Deaf person in order to gain a bit more knowledge.
Considering I accepted the assignment and gained as much knowledge of the Deaf person as I could, I would start to prepare myself for the assignment ahead of time. I would first find directions to the Gillette Company using Map Quest or some other navigation website. I would do this as a precaution just in case my GPS lost satellites or just decided to stop working. I would also find it beneficial to have an...

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