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While spending some time on google earth getting an eagle’s eye view of Humboldt County we see acres and acres of forest. However after closer observation I noticed a few spots areas around Humboldt County that could be considered Forest Fragmentation. One of the factors that I noticed on google earth that contributed to the Forest Fragmentation that I noticed was the roads around Humboldt County. Another factor I noticed was the expansion of housing for people and the scattered house that are located though out the mountains, the last one I noticed, one that was actually pointed out to me before would be marijuana growers also scattered throughout the mountain side.

All the roads in Humboldt County, either the highways like the 101, 299, and the 36, or side roads that lead into the mountains have some effect on the forest around them. To originally build the roads some of the forest would have to have been cut down in order to make room, as well as constant maintenance to keep the forest at bay and the roads cleared for drivers. Also with further exploring with google earth there is a way to see satellite photos of the areas dating back about at least 20 years, with those photos I was also able to see that there was a fair number of increase in the number of roads throughout Humboldt County, which further increases the number of Forest Fragmentation in the area. The clearing of the forest for the highways and the maintenance to keep the forest at bay is not the only affects the forest felt; there are also other side effects of traffics from the new roads. An increase of traffic in the area leads to an affect in the forest wildlife; it limits the area where animals can live.

With the extension of the roads throughout Humboldt County it leads to the extension of housing options for people further into the forest. The further the expansion of housing into the mountains the more forest is cut down for both the roads and to make rooms for the additional housing. I also notice an increase of forest cleared in the area surrounding housing facility, to make room for parks and empty land for agriculture. The increase of the people living in areas where people did not live in before also increase the levels of pollution in the area causing further ecological problems in the area around the housing facility for people. Another effect new housing and roads further into the forest can cause an increase in the number of hunting animals in an area...

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