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Reaction Paper To Christine A. Smith's "Women, Weight, And Body Image".

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What does this work mean for moi, Regie T., a male? Not much. Ok, say everyone, male or female, is made aware of this "being thin" cultural ideal for what it is, as a force that oppresses women by making them dislike their bodies and themselves. And what if the pressure to be thin miraculously removed? What would be the effect? Not much for males. Will men suddenly be expected to be attracted to larger women? Feminists may want that to happen, but why should that be? Why should awareness alter personal preferences? And if women decided to remain at their current size, men who valued thinness could certainly still satisfy themselves by comparing sizes. And so, status quo would prevail; men not inclined to date relatively larger females still wouldn't be doing so unless they find some individuating feature that makes a particular large woman attractive, such a winning personality, intelligence, ownership of a house, etc. On that note, I'm also confident that most men would rather that women give up their pursuit of thinness, for financial reasons. Who would want their mates to continuously support the multi-billion-dollar cosmetics industry? Shop-aholic women give "high maintenance" a new meaning.The point I'm trying to make here, feminism will not receive empowerment by focusing on being content with body image, unless they attack the underlying motivation. Smith tries to address this, but stops short by citing the traditional views that getting thin is all about achievement. Girls go through all the starvation and yo-yo dieting because they are boy-crazy. This won't come out in any study, because no female will ever admit to it, not even to herself, but who does she think of while consciously deciding to limit herself to a two-tablespoonful meal? A man. It is an empty point that control of her body (or lack thereof) affects her self-esteem. If she can maintain her weight to her satisfaction, she gets...

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