Introducing Rubrics To Video Games Through Grand Theft Auto Iv

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The reviewer starts out by showing how he is driving up the central avenue in the game’s version of a GMC or Ford SUV listening to the radio before he is about to rob a warehouse of cocaine dealers. Then he explains that he got bored and carjacked a luxury SUV, visited a woman friend, and went to a Ricky Gervais comedy show. Next, he goes on to give background information of the game, it is a sequel of the original 1997 Grand Theft Auto that will be released for Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, for $60. He also talks about the music and the graphics and how good they were.
The author then tells you that you play the character of Niko Bellic, a veteran of the Balkan War, who comes to the game’s version of New York City. He then goes on to explain how the game’s designers took the actual New York City, changed up the names and backgrounds, and created. The city in the game is called Liberty City, but it is a rebranded New York City, Brooklyn is renamed Broker, Queens is renamed Dukes, the Bronx is called Bohan, Manhattan is named Algonquin, and New Jersey is called Alderney. The game also uses well known landmarks, the Cyclone at Coney Island, the Domino Sugar factory, the Grand Army Plaza, Central Park, and Empire State Building.
There are several forms of the features in this review. The first one is that the author is reviewing specially Grand Theft Auto IV, he is not review the original game or the other sequels. Second, he is using a rubric that is tailored to video games instead of movies or music. He talks about how the graphic are good, and how the setting reflects to its real world counterpart, he does not talk about character development or plot line because they have no influence on the game. Third, he uses his senses, and he draws a unique picture to describe how the game is instead of using reason. The game is being marketed to a specific group of the population, his argument is more for that group instead of the whole population. He understands that the game will not be popular with seniors, women, and the religious groups, while being popular to men, teenagers, and minority groups, so he puts you in the game for you. The last form is how he goes from a general overview of the game to a...

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